Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Killing for Sport : Inside the Minds of Serial Killers by Pat Brown

Shocking, compelling and at times deeply disturbing "Killing for Sport" is an eye opening view into the minds of serial killers. Unlike other books on the subject Author/Profiler Pat Brown simplifies the difficult to understand jargon and explains each aspect in common language.  Her book gives the reader a interesting look into the life of a profiler and the world of the serial killer. Throughout her book Ms. Brown makes use of  actual quotes from well known serial killers, which adds to the jaw dropping reality of how incurably sick and dangerous such individuals are.

The Author:

"Pat Brown is a nationally known criminal profiler, television commentator, author, and founder and CEO of The Sexual Homicide Exchange and The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency.  Through The Sexual Homicide Exchange, Ms. Brown offers pro-bono criminal profiling and training for law enforcement. She also provides profiling consultation to attorneys, families, and producers through The Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency. Ms. Brown holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University and she developed the first Criminal Profiling and Investigative Analysis certificate program in the country for Excelsior College. She is the founder and director of The Society for Investigative Criminal Profiling, an organization working to promote criminal profiling as a major tool in police investigations. Ms.Brown has provided crime commentary, profiling and forensic analysis in over one thousand television and radio appearances in the United States and globally.  She contributed to special feature content included in the 2005 home DVD edition of Profiler: Season Two and the 15th Anniversary Edition, 2006 DVD release of Quentin Tarantino's crime classic, Reservoir Dogs.  


My Personal Opinion:
Ms. Brown's "no non-since" approach to explaining the mind of the serial killer is both refreshing and astounding. Where other authors beat about the brush, leaving the reader wondering what the author really implied, Ms. Brown boldly reaches out to the reader in plain English.  Ms. Brown is very point blank in her presentation, while adding a refreshing touch of humor.  This book is a great read for all who wonder how serial killers think.  I recommend this book, but due to the nature of this topic reader discretion is advised.

Where to Buy?
Killing for Sport can be purchased from Amazon through the links below.

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Audio Cassette (Unabridged)

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