Monday, September 3, 2012

Wiccan Awareness Month!

In honor of Pagan Pride Month I will be reviewing Wiccan related books and products. You maybe wondering if I have lost my mind? No... *Test Firing Neutrons* Its still here and in good working order! You may be thinking "Why on Earth then would Dina care about Wiccan Awareness Month?"  My reason is this, I have grown tried of all the misconceptions people have about Wicca and Paganism in general. There are so many horrible misconceptions people hold in regards to Pagans... Most people mistake Neo-Paganism (A.k.a Modern Paganism such as Wicca) for Ancient Paganism. The two are very different! For example: a Wiccan would never think of sacrificing a human being or any creature. For them all life is a sacred gift that should never be wasted and is meant to be respected. Another example is the way Wiccans feel about harming none, which for some means being a vegetarian or a vegan. There are many more differences between Neo-Pagans and ancient Pagans, far to many differences to discussed here. Personally I think it is time to clear up these misconceptions and actually look into what Modern Paganism is about rather than passing judgment without research. As an interfaith minister/high priestess with Coven of Christ ministries I feel that I should help other understand this. I have studied Christianity my whole life and Wicca since I was 15 years old. Wicca is the most common form of Neo-Paganism and the one which I have the most experience with. For this reason, in the month of September I will be reviewing Wiccan products and books. It is my hope that the reviews I write will be eye opening for others and help them see that Wiccans are good people. They deserve respect just like anyone else and each of us should try to understand them before passing judgment without knowledge.

Blessed Be )O(
~Lady Dina

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