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Review Time! Himalayan Quartz Advisor Crystal Skull Pendulum by

Amazing quality and craftsmanship!
As a newly certified crystal healer, I have found that pendulums are invaluable tools for vibrational medicine. Out of all the pendulums I have used during my training this pendulum out shines them all. Lets take an in-depth look into what makes this pendulum stand above the rest.

Spiritually Energized:
One of the most amazing aspects of this pendulum is that it has been energized by the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and Mayan Blue Jade skull CANA IXIM. Holding this pendulum you can truly feel this difference that this makes. All pendulums from undergo a cleansing and energizing process involving candles and working with sound to cleanse and energize each pendulum. During this process the highest universal intentions that each pendulum will bring is focused upon - peace, prosperity, health, abundance, joy, love and well-being to all whom the crystal skull pendulums may encounter. This process is the first thing that sets this pendulum (and all crystal skulls from apart from the rest.
What does this mean on a personal level? Each person will experience the energizing effect differently and profoundly. I perceive the energy of this crystal skull as an amazing experience - I feel the energy that pulses through the crystal. At times the crystal skull seems to almost sing with light, wisdom and personality. Yes, a crystal skull can have personality! 

Check out to learn more about the energizing process and the amazing properties of Crystal Skulls. I also highly recommend reading the amazing history behind the crystal skulls AMAR and CANA IXIM. 

Artistic Design:
The Himalayan Quartz Advisor Crystal Skull Pendulum was created using a Himalayan Clear Quartz crystal skull and a matching Himalayan Clear Quartz bead both came from Tibetan Malas. As someone who collects prayer beads this instantly grabbed my attention. For those who may not be familiar with Malas - a Mala is a set of beads used as a tool during prayer and meditation in Eastern cultures to count prayers and mantras. Malas are believed to hold the spiritual energy of the prayers and mantras recited on them. With this belief in mind, I can feel the love and prayer which these beads have experienced. This is simply a fascinating aspect of this pendulum that I believe will not be found elsewhere.

Quality and Craftsmanship:
Unlike other pendulums I have used, this pendulum is lightweight yet very sturdy. What makes this pendulum more sturdy is that the crystal components are drilled and wire wrapped. This is one of my favorite aspects as it prevents any part of the pendulum from coming loose during use. If you are wanting a pendulum for professional use, then this in something to keep in mind. The lightweight of this pendulum makes it perfect for long crystal healing sessions as it will not cause your hand to become tried as quickly - having small hands this is another important aspect for me as heavy pendulums cause my hands to become tried quickly. Below are some more photos detailing the quality and craftsmanship of this pendulum.

Another fascinating aspect is the accuracy of this pendulum. I've found that this pendulum is very accurate for me - even more so than the others in my collection (which I personally find very impressive.) I know that most concerns of accuracy is a matter of practice, however, I wonder if the spiritual aspects of this crystal skull pendulum may play a role in its accuracy.
  • Why is this the best pendulum for me personally?
  • Spiritually energized - Simply an Amazing Experience!
  • Breathtakingly craved from genuine Tibetan quartz this pendulum has an amazing vibration unlike any other I have had the pleasure to use.
  • Created from aspects of a genuine Tibetan Mala creating a peaceful vibration.
  • Amazing quality and craftsmanship.
  • Lightweight so that your arm does not give out during long healing sessions.
  • This pendulum is very accurate.
  • Includes: Small pamphlet on getting started with your pendulum - The basics. I'm including this as for one the reason I love the pendulum because I wish that I would have had this pamphlet when I was a beginner. It's short and to the point, allowing a beginner to get started right away without any problems.
What is a Pendulum?
A pendulum is an ancient tool used through out history to sense and direct energy. Pendulums have been used to sense water, find lost objects, gain insight and connect to one's higher self. For crystal healers a pendulum is a wonderful tool for cleansing and balancing the Chakras. The anatomy of a pendulum is fairly simple at the top of the pendulum you have the fob (a bead or pendent which allows you to hold the pendulum so that it can swing freely) the chain leads down to the bob (which is the business end of the pendulum). Today pendulums are used as tools for both spiritual and psychological practices.

Company Bio:

The Crystal Skull Sanctuary - home of A specially dedicated room in which the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR sits on an altar in constant communion with all the crystal skulls.

The folks at have a true passion for crystal healing and crystal skulls. Unlike websites who simply sell crystal skulls they have a true deep passion for them and the healing arts.

"We have been collecting crystals throughout this lifetime and have worked professionally in crystal healing and intuitive arts for over 20 years. We have a room devoted entirely to crystal skulls which allows them to commune with each other in peace and harmony. Near this Crystal Skull Sanctuary is a grand room with a large circular marble table inlaid with semi-precious stones upon which we do activations and ceremonies overlooking a magnificent lake." ~

Personal Opinion:
As a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer I have tried several pendulums - store brought and those that I have made myself. However, this is the pendulum which calls to me the most. This is my go to pendulum which I use this for both my clients and myself. 

There are several reasons I love this pendulum:
  • It is highly accurate for checking the state of one's Chakras - which is invaluable for any crystal healer.
  • The weight of this pendulum is perfect for me.
  • The energy of this pendulum - the crystal skull - is simply amazing. I personally feel that this energy helps both my clients and myself during the healing process.
  • It's size is compact and perfect for travel.
  • The length of the change is very comfortable and allows the pendulum lots of room to move in the direction that is needed.
  • The construction of this pendulum let's me rest assured that it will not come apart during use.
I highly recommend this pendulum for crystal healers who choose to use a pendulum as part of their healing practice. All of my clients have loved not only the look of this pendulum, but the energies that it radiates. Anyone from beginner to professional will find this pendulum a welcomed companion.

Where to Buy:
This pendulum can be purchased at

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