Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wolf Designs: The Queen's Court Collection Small Travel Case

The Queen's Court travel case Collection combines quality, elegance, and practicality. There are several size cases and styles in the collection to choose from. Each case comes in a choice of three colors: black, tan, and brown.

About The Exterior:
This case is covered in genuine top grain leather. The leather is high quality, with well defined grain. The quality tanning process gives this leather a rich black color, that is evenly tanned into the leather. Top grain leather is consider the second highest grade of leather, and is as durable and strong as full grain leather. Each piece of leather is skillfully sewn using quality thread, which adds to the durability of this case.The hardware is sturdy and finished with chrome. Size: 8.5" Wide x 5.5"Deep x 4.25" High (Inches)

About The Interior:
The interior is lined with a soft high quality suede fabric.The soft fabric protects the jewelry from getting scratched while traveling. Attached to the lid of this case is a quality mirror.

The Lid:
The lid of the case opens to reveal a compartment to store necklaces. Attached to the walls of this compartment are ten leather straps, finished with chrome snaps. The straps hold each piece securely in place while traveling and prevents the chains from becoming tangled. At the bottom of each wall is a long pocket designed to hold the lower portion of the necklaces in place. The cover to the compartment is a mirror crafted carefully into the suede lining to creating a unique door design.

The Middle compartment:
Below the mirror is a place to store eight rows of rings, a spacious covered compartment, and four smaller open compartments. The ring storage area has eight padded rows, which display the rings in an upright position and keeps them separated to prevent starches. The spacious compartment has a secure lid made from genuine leather and is lined with soft suede. Next to this compartment are four smaller open compartments which measure 1.5" x 2". inches.

The Drawer Area:
Inside the drawer is a removable insert which can be taken out and used separately as a small jewelry case. The removable insert adds extra storage space; six padded rows for rings, a small lidded compartment, two smaller open compartments and one larger open compartment. It is covered with leather, and lined in suede. The insert can be removed to create one large compartment.

Wolf Designs is a family owned company that has been crafting fine jewelry cases since 1834. The company was founded by a silver smith named Philip Wolf I in Hanau, Germany. Philip Wolf I was the first person to craft fine quality jewelry cases covered in rich leather, he is credited as inventor of this technique. His family continues to offer high quality jewelry cases which will last the tests of time. For more information about the history of Wolf Designs visit

My Personal Opinion:
The skill and craftsmanship that went into the making of this jewelry case is impressive. Each aspect of the case from the leather, to the finishings is high quality and skillfully crafted. It is nice to see a jewelry case made with such care and attention to detail. Wolf Designs offers a wide variety of jewelry and watch cases. It was my pleasure to review this product.

Queen's Court Collection: