Friday, October 1, 2010

Clover's Double Pointed Premium Bamboo Knitting Needles -Set of 5- US Size 8 (5.00mm)

High Quality, Durable, and Easy on the Hands!
 Every knitter has their own personal preferences for the type of knitting needles they use. If you are an intermediate beginner searching for a set of double pointed knitting needles Clover's bamboo needles are a good choice.  Bamboo knitting needles are easier to learn with because of their unique texture. Due to the texture of bamboo your stitches are also less likely to fall off the needles while you are knitting.

The Pros and Cons:
Different types knitting needles have their own set of pro and cons.  Its recommend that you try different types to find what works best for you, and your individual needs.  Below is a short list of my personal pro and cons, feel free to comment with your own in the comment section.

  1. Bamboo's texture makes it easier to control the needles
  2. Tips are not overly sharp making them easier to use.
  3. Less likely to fall out of the stitches while knitting.
  4. Stitches do not easily fall off of the needles.
  5. Wonderfully smooth and warm to the touch. 
  6. Light weight (which allows you to knit longer before your hands become tried.)
  7. High Quality with great durability 
  8. Bamboo is a natural Echo Friendly product
  1. Knitting with bamboo may feel slower to some knitters. This is due to the difference in texture when compared to traditional metal needles.
My Personal Opinion:
For many the thought of knitting in the round with multiple double pointed knitting needles is a nightmare. Before I discovered bamboo knitting needles I was a member of this group.  Due to unavailability in my area, I used to knit with only metal knitting needles.  The problem I found with metal double pointed needles is that either all of my stitches fell off of the needles or the needles would fall out of the stitches (and then the needles would be thrown into a dark corner to be forgotten all eternity). Thanks to Clover's Bamboo knitting needles my view of knitting with multiple needles has changed completely.  Knitting in the round with these needles is so much easier due to the texture of the Bamboo.  A few weeks I knitted a pair of  fingerless gloves using these needles with out any problems. Last night I began working on another set, and found that my knitting speed is picking up as well. I highly recommend this set to all who are having trouble using multiple knitting needles.

Where to Buy?
The set featured in this review is Clover's: Set of  5 double pointed 7"  knitting needles US Size 8 (5.00mm). (Yes I know that is a mouth full, knitting jargon is like that sometimes)

 The Featured Set

The Shorter Version
(Some people find shorter knitting needles easier to work with) 

High Polished (Extra Smooth) Version