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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review Time: Power of Plentiful Wisdom by Julia Shpak

Power of Plentiful Wisdom is an uplifting inspirational book that features quotes, tidbits of wisdom, and stunning photography. Readers will find themselves guided on the path of rediscovering what our ancestors knew very well- that true wisdom is hidden in everyday life. Our ancestors experienced and learned from the wisdom in the world around them. The changing of the seasons, the actions of animals and the beauty of nature filled them with insights for living wisely. This lead them to understand that everything has meaning and purpose. Today many overlook the wisdom in the world around us. Power of Plentiful Wisdom helps us to see the hidden wisdom in the world around us.

Table Of Contents
  • A Garden to Cultivate 1
  • Unstoppable Water 3
  • Pearls 5
  • Born in a Duck Yard 7
  • Palm Trees 9
  • Rose 11
  • Masterpiece 13
  • Grapes 15
  • Fire 17
  • Let It 19
  • Diamond the Rough 21
  • Harvest 23
  • Becoming a Butter 25
  • Wandering Ship 27
  • Learning to Fly 29
  • Build to Last 31
  • Hard to Reach Apples 33
  • Purified by Fire 35
  • Bees and Wasps 37
  • Comparing Flowers 39
  • Lighthouses 41
  • Life as a Snow 43
  • Journey 45
  • Seed Within 47
  • Mighty Acorn 49
  • Spring Love 51
  • Clay 53
  • Swimming Upstream 55
  • Ice 57
  • Love Flower 59
  • Fruitless Tree 61
  • Game of Boomerang 63
  • Hourglass 65
  • Roots 67
  • Lead the Way 69
  • Lonely Pilgrim 71
  • Timing 73
  • Watchtower 75
  • Hunks of Wood 77
  • Quicksand 79
  • Anchor 81
  • Unexpected 83
Other Info:
ISBN: 978-1-4520-6476-5 (e)
ISBN: 978-1-4520-6474-1 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4520-6475-8 (hc)

About the Author:
Julia Shpak's appreciation of nature and spirituality began in her early childhood. Her devotion has lead her through years of research and learning. Mrs. Shpak's drive for wisdom has lead her to earn a certificate in Philosophy and Bible History. As one can never know to much, she continues to attend seminars and further researches the subject of spirituality and religion. “I experienced for myself that true wisdom should be simple and plentiful for everyone to understand which has strongly inspired me to write "Power of Plentiful Wisdom".” said Mrs. Shpak.
Author’s web site:

Personal Opinion:
Mrs. Shpak does an excellent job of expressing the wisdom hidden within common things. Below is a good example of her writing and an inside look into the theme of her book.

A successful man is the one who can lay a firm
foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley

High quality natural pearls are very rare. They are formed by oysters as a defense against any irritant such as a parasite or just a grain of sand inside the shell. It seems that oysters follow a very good old rule: if you can’t remove it, then try to improve it. Hidden within the shell in the darkness, a pearl is
created. It’s pretty amazing how something initially so inconvenient can become something so beautiful.” - Julia Shpak

Personally I find this book to be refreshing and uplifting. I also appreciated the lovely photography found through the book.

Where to Buy:
Want a free copy? For a limited time Mrs. Shpak is offering her book for free in e-book format. Go to


Hard Cover