Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Custom Mala Shop

This week I found a wonderful place to buy custom mediation beads! Unlike most websites you'll find online, all the Malas at Custom Mala Shop are carefully made by hand. Sound interesting? 

Have a Blessed weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review Time! Deva Designs: "Soaring" Wood Carving

"Soaring" is a breathtakingly beautiful work of hand-crafted art that is an inspiration to women around the world. As with all true art, this carving touches the heart's of its viewers deeply and powerfully, and in a variety of ways depending upon the background of the viewer. Below are a few examples of the powerful symbolism that women see in this work of art. 

The Courage and Strength of The Phoenix:
For women who have lived through trials or who are currently working to overcome their trials, "Soaring" is a powerful symbol of a woman who has risen above her circumstances. As she opens her arms wide there is no fear or doubt within her. She is filled with hope for a better future, faith that her dreams will become a reality and love for those dear in her life and for herself. Just as the mythological phoenix rises from the ashes of its own death and is reborn a new creation, so too the woman soars, showing all that nothing can truly defeat her. Her trials only serve to make her stronger and more determined. She does not fear the flames of the fire for she soars within the flames, reborn as a new stronger creation. This imagery teaches women to have confidence in one's self and in one's connection to the Divine. As such this is a beautiful symbol of feminine strength, courage, and determination.

The Love and Power of The Divine Feminine:
For those who view the Divine as a feminine being "Soaring" has great symbolism. Those who have this view point see the power, beauty, and parental love of the Divine Feminine speaking to them through the medium of art. They feel empowered and comforted by Her strength, courage, power, beauty, and limitless love. With her arms out stretched She seems as if She is spreading her wings, as a mother hen does for her baby chicks, offering protection and the love that only a mother can give. Others who hold this view, see this carving as a symbol of the Divine Feminine's deep connection to the natural world She created. Not as a separate being set apart from the world, but as a very present Divine Mother who is always around us and within us at all times. They see this as a symbol that She is one with the earth, the plants, the animals and Her children.

Regardless of which form of symbolism you see when you look upon this carving one aspect is clear - "Soaring" it is a wonderful symbol of feminine power, strength and beauty.

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About Deva Designs:
The mission of Deva Designs is to provide quality products at affordable prices to help women connect with their spirituality, and put them in contact with both the gentleness and the strength that an evolved woman needs in today's demanding world. Deva Designs was founded by Micki Baumann, a leader in the new age and spiritual marketplace for over twenty years. Micki’s son Bob Heiney and daughter-in-law Suzie now handle the day to day operations of Deva Designs, allowing Micki more time to focus on what she loves: designing wonderful new products. Because of Micki's strong personal involvement, each product is a reflection of her own beliefs and needs. For example, she created the Charms of Avalon line because she felt the need for particular types of Goddess images that would reflect qualities such as love, joy, courage and abundance, which are important to her own life, and to the lives of all women in our modern world. One of the driving forces behind Deva Designs work is their belief that we all need beauty in our lives, and that quality art can be offered at prices we can all afford.

For a full list of the art work and jewelry Deva Designs creates check out to where each product can be purchased is located on the product's page. Deva Designs is a whole-sell company and their website is a wonderful reference for finding their products online.)

Personal Note from the Artist:            
"When I first conceived the "Inner Voice" piece I wanted to produce it in wood but quickly found out that to do so in this country would be prohibitively expensive. I was concerned about having it carved off shore because I didn't want the work done by people working in substandard conditions. I recently had the opportunity to go to Bali, and there I found a wonderful family of wood carvers that operate in the courtyard of their home. I was able to see their entire operation and know that the carvers they employ are well treated (most are family members), and that the business I was able to give them will create a better life for the family. I have also committed a portion of the proceeds from the wood carvings to help pay for the education of a young woman that I met in Bali.  She desperately wants to go to college to become a teacher, and her family is not in a position to pay the full cost of this for her.  - Micki

Personal Opinion:
When I meditate upon the beauty of this carving, I feel the love and peace of God as our Divine Mother, calling me to nearer to Her. This reminds me of the Bible verse Matthew 23:36 "How many times I wanted to put my arms around all your people, just as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not let me!" The symbolism of this piece reminds me that God is always there, waiting for me to turn to Her for protection, love and guidance. It also shows the gentle side of the Divine, which I personally prefer to focus on.  I also feel greatly empowered by the strength and confidence that the symbolism of this carving radiates.  Regardless of what trials I may face in this life, I should face my trials with faith, hope, and love. This piece seems to say "Soar among the flames and be reborn as a new stronger person". The whole piece seems to speak of rebirth, strength, feminine power and Divine love. This carving has become the focal point of my mediation alter due to its symbolism and beauty. 

This carving can be purchased on the following websites: