Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Floto Imports Poste Messenger Bag

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Floto Imports Poste messenger bag combines skilled craftsmanship, quality materials and a classic design to form a practical bag that will withstand the riggers of daily use. Skilled artisans using old-world techniques and designs handcraft each product. The result is a superb quality bag with a timeless appearance that is stylish in any setting.

Genuine Calfskin Leather:
Each Poste messenger bag is handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy from Italian calfskin. Italian calfskin is known for its incredible strength, flexibility, suppleness, and durability. This bag showcases the quality of Italian calfskin very well. The leather that the Poste messenger bag is crafted from is superb. It is flexible and supple to the touch, yet strong and very durable. For added strength Poste messenger bags are sewn using high quality professional grade thread. These qualities combine to form a bag that will last for many years. This product comes in a cotton storage bag to protect the leather for safe storage.

Size: 10" high x 4 " wide x 15" long Weight: 3.2 Pounds   
Color choices: Brown or Black
The Exterior:
The exterior is designed to be practical and stylish, it features a simplistic yet elegant design that fits any life style. Its classic design makes the Poste messenger bag a good choice for work, traveling, and daily use. The leather exterior has a polished finish, which can be maintained with leather care products. If you prefer an aged look simply allowed the bag to acquire an antique finish through use.

2 in 1 messenger bag and brief case:
A detachable shoulder strap allows the Poste to serve as a messenger bag or brief case depending on your needs. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to attach/detach the shoulder strap is a very useful feature. When used as a briefcase the handle on top provides a sturdy, and comfortable way of carrying the bag. The handle is well sewn and the metal hardware is crafted from solid brass for added durability.

Secure Snaps:
Located on the front of the bag are two sturdy leather straps, with four snaps that attach to the flap. The snaps attach securely to the flap protecting the contents.

Back Compartment:
On the back of the bag is a large zipper compartment. The zipper is high quality and easy to open.

The interior features two spacious compartments for carrying books, paper work, or a laptop computer. Sewn into the first compartment are smaller pockets for holding pens, highlighters and business cards. Located on the front of the bag are two medium sized pockets that use heavy-duty snap closures to protect their contents. The leather interior has a soft suede finish to protect your belongings from getting scratched.

Brass Hardware:
The snaps, zippers and other hardware are crafted from solid brass. Due to the quality of these components this bag will support a fair amount of weight without any fear of damage. Below is an overview of each of the hardware components.
  • Snaps- Fit securely in place, yet are unfastened with ease.
  • Buckles- Sturdy and well made.
  • D-Rings/Loops- Sturdy and strong. Securely sewn in place, and very durable.
  • D-hooks/Latches- The spring closures opens with ease and fits securely. They are strong, sturdy, and well made.
  • Zippers- The zipper runways (the area of the zipper which interlocks) are well made. Each of the interlocking teeth close securely. The slides (which are used to close/open the interlocking runway) are heavy duty and move along the runway with ease.
  • Hinges- Securely sewn in place and very durable.
  • Other Hardware- Brass seam covers are attached to the upper sections of the interior seams for added strength and durability.
Floto Imports is devoted to customer satisfaction. Each product is guaranteed for the natural life the product. If, for some reason your item should require repair, they also offer repair services.

Information About Floto:
The Floto Borsa Collection was launch in 2003 by Joe Floto with the philosophy "that older is better". Their company mission is to refine old-world craft methods to produce high quality pieces that are superior to mass-produced luggage. Floto uses top grade Italian calfskin and natural high quality fabrics exclusively. Each piece is a handcrafted original work complete with distinctive hardware and finishing. Floto products are built to last by skilled Italian artisans, providing old- world quality. Unlike mass-produced luggage, Floto's luggage, bag and briefcases, look better with age. The wear that happens over time such as wear marks and worn seams create an even more attractive look.

Floto's Founder Jeo Floto:
When Joe Floto went to Italy in 1997 he bought a leather duffel bag from a craftsman in Tuscany and has been using it for his travels ever since. Over the years he noticed two things about the bag - it looks better as it ages and people always ask about it - where did you get that bag? How much was it? I love that bag.

In 2002 Joe Floto left a job on Wall Street and took a sabbatical in Rome. Determined to try something new and creative he returned to New York in 2003 and started Floto Imports to design and make affordable, yet high-end leather luggage and bags.

With a mission to update timeless designs and stick with old-world craft methods the Floto brand quickly gained popularity on the internet and within the first 8 months had attracted buyers like Chelsea Clinton, David Letterman and Walt Disney Corporation.

"The best thing about this collection,” according to Floto, “is each piece is really well-made and good looking, it’s what I call Equestica - equestrian, vintage nautical, and fun at the same time -- and more importantly it's available at an affordable price.”
References: Floto Imports: Bio http://www.flotoimports.com/Bio.htm

My Personal Opinion:
The quality and craftsmanship are impressive. Each aspect is well made, sturdy, durable and stylish. These qualities are no longer common place in a market of mass-produced products. Floto Imports attention to detail and care in selecting quality materials is refreshing. The materials chosen for the Poste messenger bag showcase Floto’s passion for quality and desire to craft products that will last a lifetime. Finding a messenger bag that is practical, functional, durable and stylish is a difficult task, yet the Poste messenger bag not only meets these requirements, it exceeds my expectations for practicality and durability.