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Review: NIV Bible Clutch

Lite Weight, Compact, and Stylish
At first glance the NIV Bible Clutch has the appearance of an elegant evening bag combined with the simplicity of black leather. This edition features all of the aspects one looks for in a clutch purse such as: a removable strap that allows the clutch to be carried over the shoulder or warped around the wrist, an exterior pocket, a protective zipper closure, and an enclosed pocket for storing cards and other essentials. Only upon closer inspection does one realize that this clutch is in fact a compact Bible. Unlike many other Bibles this edition is designed to be convenient and easy to carry. The compact size and lite weight makes the NIV Bible Clutch a good choice for traveling, and everyday use.

Binding and Cover:
This edition is bound in black Italian duo-tone, a soft artificial leather that is flexible and somewhat supple to the touch. Italian duo-tone is a quality artificial leather that is close in durability to bonded leather. The cover of this edition features feels more durable and supple then other artificial leathers I have encountered. The NIV Bible Clutch is available in a variety of colors and cover options to match your personal style. Size: 4.8 wide x 8.3 high x 1.5 deep in. | 122 wide x 211 high x deep 38 mm Weight: 0.94 lb | 426 gms

What's Inside:
The text of this Bible is presented in double-column format and includes subject headings that divide each paragraph (aspects which I personally find to be very useful). This edition includes references to similar Bible verses presented within the text. Footnotes are located at the bottom of each page and are not distracting. The text size of this edition is 6pt, with the words of Christ in red. This size text is small for some readers making it difficult for them to read. The paper this edition is printed on is thin paper and has a semi-transparent quality. The use of highlighters is not recommend in this Bible. For those who enjoy highlighting passages crayola color pencils are recommend (through personal experience I have found that they highlight very well on thin paper).

Table of Contents
  • Preface to the New International Version
  • Books of the Old Testament
  • Books of the New Testament
  • Table of Weights & Measures
  • Perspectives from the Bible
Other Info:
  • Page Count: 1152 Paper
  • Edge Description: Plain
  • ISBN: 0310949610
  • ISBN-13: 9780310949619
Translation Info:
The New International Version is one of the most popular and trusted modern translations within the Evangelical Christian Community. This translation speaks to the reader through common language, yet strives to maintain the original meaning of Scripture. The Deuterocanonical books (Also known as the Apocrypha) are not included in this translation.

If you would like to learn more about the New International Version please refer to the following websites.
My Personal Opinion:
Personally I find this edition to be very practical and useful. Unlike other compact Bibles this edition is designed to multitask, featuring internal pockets that are similar to those found in a wallet. I was more than a little surprised to find these pockets next to the front pages (though this is a good surprise). The pockets are designed to easily fit an I.D, credit cards, or money, with a total of seven pocket for these items. I have never seen a Bible that combines multiple uses for both church and everyday use the way the NIV Bible Clutch does. This is a very interesting edition.

  • Lite weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact size
  • Stylish cover
  • Durable zipper that also protects the Bible's pages from being damaged
  • Removable strap
  • Inside compartment that can hold up to six I.D size cards, behind which is a 7th compartment that is large enough to hold paper, prayer cards or money.
  • Cover: The cover has a soft feel that is reminiscent of leather.
  • Text size: The text is somewhat difficult to read for an extend period of time.
  • Clasps: The clasps that attach the strap to the Bible seem fragile, and rather small.
If you are searching for a practical Bible that is the perfect size to fit into your purse – or better yet carry instead of your purse- then I highly recommend considering this edition.

Where to Buy:
The edition feature in this review can be purchased through the following links.

NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Black, Bible Clutch
094961: NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Black, Bible Clutch

NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Silver Ice Metallic, Bible Clutch
094959: NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Silver Ice Metallic, Bible Clutch

NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Pink & Chocolate, Bible Clutch
094960: NIV Italian Duo-Tone, Pink & Chocolate, Bible Clutch

Italian Duo-Tone, Caribbean Blue & Palm Green,   Bible Clutch
094962: Italian Duo-Tone, Caribbean Blue & Palm Green,   Bible Clutch

New 2011 Editions:

Bible Clutch, Black
951339: Bible Clutch, Black
Bible Clutch, Pink Chocolate
951346: Bible Clutch, Pink Chocolate
KJV Bible Clutch, Italian Duo-Tone, Silver Ice
439142: KJV Bible Clutch, Italian Duo-Tone, Silver Ice

KJV Bible Clutch, Italian Duo-Tone, Purple Metallic
439158: KJV Bible Clutch, Italian Duo-Tone, Purple Metallic

Sunday, January 23, 2011

400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft: A Knitter's Review

A Complete Dictionary of Essential Stitch Patterns

400 Knitting Stitches is a good resource to have on hand for beginners and advanced knitters. Inside you will find patterns that cover the basics for beginners, intermediate patterns and advanced patterns for skilled knitters. Beginners will find the “Knitting Basics” section to very helpful. This section offers step by step instructions to teach beginners the basics. The tone is easy is to follow, yet remains informative. Also many of the patterns in the “Knit-Purl” section are designed for beginners to practice their knitting. This section also has many patterns that intermediate beginners will enjoy. The “Cross Stitches and Cables” section contains many lovely patterns ranging in difficulty from intermediate to advanced. Seasoned knitters will find the patterns within the “Slipped Stitches, Lacy Stitches, Double Stitches, Twisted Stitches, and Cast-Off Stitches” sections to be a real treat, as these showcase the knitter's skill. Page Count: 256 Page.  Size: 8.8 x 7 x 0.7 inches

What's Inside?
  • Knitting Basics: Abbreviations, Understanding a Pattern, Tension, Diagrams, Casting On, Stitches, Knit, Purl, Casting Off, Patterns and techniques.
  • Knit-Purl Stitches: These 86 stitches include: Stockinette stitch, Garter stitch, Moss stitch, 1/1 rib stitch, Caterpillar stitch, 2/2 Garter stitch rib, Furrowed rib, Dot stitch, Seersucker.
  • Crossed Stitches and Cables: These 139 stitches include: Simple twist, 10-Stitch cable, Double cable, Stitch plaits, Broken rib, Uneven cable, Chain links, Honeycomb.
  • Slipped Stitches: These 60 stitches include: Double stocking stitch, Speckled rid, Partridge eye, Grass stitch, Wisteria stitch, X stitch, Wings, Butterflies, Alternating Arrows, Sycamore, Alternating grass tufts.
  • Lacy Stitches: These 85 stitches include: Simple openwork, Eyelet fabric, Openwork squares, Openwork ladders, Matting stitch, Turkish stitch, Patchwork, Tulle stitch, Horizontal eyelets, Tile stitch, Falling leaves.
  • Double Stitches: These 12 stitches include: Fisherman’s rib, English rib knit-wise, English rib purl-wise, Fancy Richelieu rib, Ladders, Alternating English rib, Wheatgerm.
  • Twisted Stitches: These 6 stitches include: Double twisted stocking stitch, Twisted stocking stitch, and Two-tone double twisted rib.
  • Cast-Off Stitches: These 3 Stitches include: Bamboo stitch, and Diamond drops.
My Personal Opinion:
As an intermediate knitter I find this book to be a valuable resource. The patterns can easily be adapted into a variety of projects such; scarves, throws, afghans, or prayer shawls. Unlike other knitting books 400 Knitting Stitches focuses on stitch patterns, rather than project patterns. This format helps you to learn new stitches, practice them, and apply them to your own project patterns. I highly recommend this edition for those who enjoy new stitch patterns as this is the best resource I have encountered.

Where to Buy:

Disclosure of Material Connection:
The opinions I have expressed within my review are my own. This review is based on media review copy. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Start! The Bible for New Believers by Greg Laurie: Published by Thomas Nelson

Start! The Bible for New Believers is designed to teach those who are new to the Christian faith to place their trust in Christ, the fundamentals of Christianity, and refresh lifelong believers on the foundations of their faith.  This Bible is designed to take the reader by the hand and lead them deeper into God’s word in an friendly conversational tone that is very understandable. Unlike other Bibles this edition never assumes that the reader knows what wording and passages mean.  The primary focus of this Bible is on basic Christian discipleship with articles and devotions on subjects including; prayer, Bible study, church involvement, sharing one’s faith, and discovering God's will. Core biblical themes are introduced at basic levels of theological sophistication and presented in very simple language.

About The Binding & Cover:
The Bible featured in this review is the paper-backed edition that has a glued binding. Although paper-backed editions will not with stand years of daily use they are the most economical.  This Bible is available in three cover options paperback, jacketed hardcover, and Leathersoft.  A New Testament Edition is also available in paperback.

What’s Inside:

 Features of this edition include:  Grow entries- which focuses on key disciplines of the Christian life.  Know articles- that focus on the core beliefs of the Christian faith. · Live messages- which focuses on various aspects of salvation. · Learn notes- which provide mini-commentaries on key passages for spiritual growth. · Topical Index to articles and Scriptures.  Secrets to Spiritual Success- from the General Editor Greg Laurie – a pastor and author who has impacted over four million people with the Gospel. This edition also has introductions to each book of the Bible.

Table of Contents
  •     The Plan of Salvation
  •     Secrets to Spiritual Success
  •     Preface
  •     Books of The Old Testament in  Canonical Order
  •     Books of The New Testament in Canonical Order
  •     Essentials- What Every Christian Needs to Know About God and Jesus
  •     Topic Index- Scriptures and Features
  •     Blank Notes for Personal Use
About the General Editor:
Greg Laurie serves as the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel, in Riverside, California. He is the host of the television program “Knowing God with Greg Laurie” and of the syndicated radio program “A New Beginning.” Laurie has appeared on “ABC World News Tonight,” Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. He also functions as a guest commentator at and appears regularly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Laurie founded Harvest Crusades which are large-scale evangelistic events attended by more than 4 million people since 1990.

About this Translation:
The New King James Version is a modern translation of the Bible commissioned in 1975 by Thomas Nelson Publishers. One hundred and thirty respected Bible scholars, church leaders, and lay Christians worked for seven years to create this translation. Their goal is a completely new, modern translation of Scripture that retains the purity and stylistic beauty of the original King James Version.

My Personal Opinion:
My thoughts of this Bible are somewhat mixed as I love the translation and page designs but not the editors notes or view points. While I see the value of this edition I also see its short comings. As an edition labeled by its editor as “Christianity 101“  this edition falls short of that title. With that said I feel many will enjoy this edition because of its strait forward approach, and common language. But personally I did not find this edition to be very helpful due to the fact that I expected more in depth notes.  

  •     Interesting Page Design
  •     Economical
  •  The Paper: Personally I hate the paper this edition is printed on... While thin paper is a good thing when the paper is of good quality this edition has economical paper.   
  •  Ghosting: This edition (the paper back edition) has a fair amount of ghosting that I personally find distracting. Ghosting is the term used when you can see the writing on the other side of the page (or the next few pages) while reading. After reading the text for a few minutes my eyes begin to ache.
  •  Text:  While many readers will find 8 point type very readable, the front and paper used for this edition makes it somewhat hard to read.
  •   Notes: Personally I found some of the notes in this edition helpful. But sadly I found more that were not helpful because they seemed geared towards to the editor’s view point. While this can be very helpful to some I find it distracting.   
Just because I did not find this edition to be helpful does not mean that it will not speak to you.  I recommend downloading the free sample of this edition to help you decide for yourself if this it is right Bible for you. 
The Start! Gospel of John can be download for free at

Where to Buy:
The edition featured in this review can be purchased through following links.
Start! The Bible for New Believers - Trade Paper Red

Start! The Bible for New Believers - Hardcover Red

Start! The Bible for New Believers - LeatherSoft Raven Black

Start! The Bible for New Believers - LeatherSoft Raven Black  Thumb-Indexed

Disclosure of Material Connection:

Review Time is not in any way affiliated with Thomas Nelson Publishing. The opinions I have expressed within my review are my own. This review is based on media review copy. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”