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Rustico Hand-Crafted Epiphany Leather Journal

The Epiphany Leather Journal is a unique pocket size journal, especially design for carrying with you to write down ideas, thoughts, quotes, etc. This Journal is hand crafted in the USA, each is unique and made to order. (Unlike manufactured journals, Rustic journals are made when ordered.) The Rustic cowhide cover and hand torn pages give this journal an old world appearance, reminiscent of the journals used in the late 1800's- early 1900's.

About The Cover and Binding:
The cover of this journal is made from smooth top grain leather, made when cowhide is split from the top layer and refinished to the desired texture. Top Grain leather is the second highest grade of leather, and is as strong and durable as full grain leather. All leather used in Rustico journals are hand antiqued and crafted, giving each journal an unique appearance. The binding is hand sown to the cover with high quality materials, making this journal sturdy and durable, made to last for many years.

Whats Inside:
In the Epiphany Leather Journal are 96 hand torn blank pages for writing your thoughts, ideas, and special memories. The paper is a thick weight recycled paper that is acid free. Rustico is an environmentally conscious company which prides in using only recycled paper or a cotton/paper blend in their journals. The unique texture and torn page edges gives this journal an old world appearance, reminiscent of the hand made journals used in the late 1800's- early 1900's.
Paper Size: 3 ½” x 5”

What Makes Acrid Free Paper Unique?
Many people do not realize the benefits of acid free paper. Unlike regular paper which will disintegrate after a few decades, Acid free paper is designed to preserve your writings for at least 100 years with out disintegrating. Acid free paper is especially useful for scrap booking because it will not discolor, or damage photos. I recommend using an acid free or archival quality ink in this journal, this type of ink will not fade or discolor over time like regular ink. (If you decide to add small wallet size photos to your journal, you will not have to worry about the ink damaging them over time)

Information About Rustico And Artist Bio:
Isaac Childs -"Rustico began when I started making leather bound journals about 10 years ago because I like to write. My shelves were filled with tattered notebooks and folders stuffed with random thoughts and experiences along with great quotes I may have come upon or overheard that caught my attention. The trouble was that I had these sweet experiences and wonderful thoughts, quotes and ideas and no place that I could keep them. I wanted a book that would have a unique personality and classic look about it to hold my ideas and thoughts. I wanted my journal to be made to last for a lifetime and become more refined with each use. I wanted to have a book that I could carry with me everywhere, whether I was at work, on vacation, in the mountains, or even downtown. So I started making journals."

"Since then we have grown and have had to find ways to keep up with the demand for our books, still maintaining the personalized touch used from the beginning. I have brought on several friends to help keep up with all of these requests, yet personally oversee the production to ensure that only the highest quality of workmanship is put into each book."

"They represent only the highest quality of work. The pages in most of our sketchbooks, journals and photo albums are hand torn and folded to specific sizes. The paper we use is acid free and still has the unique texture of old fashioned paper presses. Our leather covers are cut from top grain hides and bound by hand to the paper using a style of binding that has been used for centuries. Throughout the process, we put the same amount of personality into each book. My hope is that our journals, sketch books and photo albums will be used to savor those precious memories that will bring sweet remembrance for years to come. I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your journals, sketchbooks, and photo-albums, if not I will gladly replace your book for another, enjoy!"

~ Isaac Childs
Designer/General Manager, Rustico L.L.C.

My Personal Opinion:
I am impressed with the quality of this journal. The leather is soft, flexible and has a nice feel, this is something I always appreciate and look for in leather books. Thick weight paper makes this journal a good choice for writing, drawing and mounting small photos. The pages are protected from damage when the journal is carried, because of the thick leather cover and the quality binding.

The size of this journal makes it a perfect pocket journal, and miniature photo album for wallet size photos. I recommend this journal to those looking for a small high quality journal.

The Journal featured in this review can be found at

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New Living Translation Ultra-Thin Pitt Minion Reference Edition: Published by Cambridge University Press

This edition is the first Cambridge Bible published in the New Living Translation and is presented in the classic Pitt Minion format—widely admired for its combination of a slimline form, good readability and elegant page design.

About The Binding & Cover:
The cover of this edition is made from high quality French Morocco leather. French Morocco leather is made from high-grade Calfskin leather which is split to make it slightly thinner, in order to simulate the appearance and texture of sheepskin leather. This type of leather is very durable and will last for many years. This Bible lays flat in your hand while you are reading due to it's high quality Smythe sewn binding. Smythe sewn binding is considered the highest quality binding, the pages are sewn and glued to the spine of the Bible. The benefits are a long lasting Bible that can be read and reread for years without falling apart. Books with Smythe sewn binding will stand up to more abuse than regular glued binding, and can be read on a flat surface. For these reasons many textbooks, picture books and Bibles that are designed to stand the tests of time use Smythe sewn binding. Smythe sewn book printing and binding gets its name from its inventor, an Irish-American named David McConnell Smythe (1833-1807). A pioneer of modern day bookbinding, Smythe took a bold leap forward over the centuries old methods of binding by producing the first technology and methods for sewing book pages to the spine to create a book of superior quality and appearance. Size: 6.94 X 4.88 (inches) Weight: 17 ounces (500gm)

What’s inside?
This Bible is impressive for its size having many features I would not expect to see in a thin line edition. Features Include: A center column cross reference, a very useful tool for finding related verses. Sixteen detailed color maps, with a map index to help you find certain locations. The Concordance is 116 pages, to easily find key words and related verses. In the Concordance are short explanations of what each word means, allowing the Concordance to serve as a Dictionary. The text size is 6.75 on 7pt lexicon No.1, the front used makes this edition one of the most readable compact Bible I have used. This edition's layout is double column format, red letter edition, with paragraph/subject headings. Printed in the Netherlands on Indian paper gives this edition a true since of craftsmanship. The black leather cover, black ribbon marker, and pages edged in gold gives this edition a classic elegance reminiscent of the 1900's.

In the Front
  • Presentation Page
  • Books of the Bible in Canonical Order
  • Books of the Bible in Alphabetical Order
  • A Note to Readers
  • Introduction to the NLT
In the Back
  • Concordance/Dictionary
  • Map Index and Maps
About this Translation:
The New Living Translation (NLT) is a translation of the Bible into a clear, readable form of modern English. Originally starting out as an effort to revise The Living Bible, the project evolved into a new English translation from the Hebrew and Greek texts. This latest edition released in 2007 follows a combination of formal equivalence (or word-for-word) and dynamic equivalence (or thought-for-thought) methods of translation. The words and phrases are translated as simply and literally as possible. The result is a translation that is both analytically accurate and visually powerful."

Cambridge University Press is the world's oldest continually operating book publisher and is the oldest Bible Publisher, with an unrivaled tradition stretching back over 4 centuries and a long standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Cambridge University Press is committed to the highest standards of printing and binding. Each Cambridge Bible is skillfully made from the finest materials. The materials used in the binding are natural products, and many aspects of the binding process are hand-crafted, resulting in a unique and long last Bible. As a testament to the quality of their Bibles, each Cambridge Bible is unconditional guaranteed for life against defective materials or workmanship of any kind.

References :Cambridge University Press Wikipedia
NLT Wikipedia
NLT Comparison Chart
NLT Endorsements

My Personal Opinion
I find this Bible impressive, for many reasons: 1. It lays flat in my hand while reading, something that I always appreciate and look for in quality Bibles. 2. The leather has a wonderful feel , this is one is one of those Bibles that you will not want to put down. 3. Unlike many leather Bibles the detailed grain of this edition looks very natural, greatly adding to it's appearance. 4 . The paper is surprisingly strong, this is the first ultra-thin Bible that I felt comfortable flipping through the pages. Many ultra-thin editions will wrinkle or tear if you flip through them the way you would a regular sized Bible. I am very impressed with the quality of this edition, and would recommend this Bible to anyone looking for a Ultra-Thin NLT.

The Bible featured in this review can be found at-

NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, French Morocco leather, black

Other cover styles of this edition can be found through the following links.

735285: NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Goatskin leather, blackNLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Goatskin leather, black

759212: NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Goatskin leather, brownNLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, Goatskin leather, brown

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NIV Waterproof Bible: Pink Brown Floral

Waterproof • Durable • Coming October-1st-2009

The NIV Waterproof Bible is 100% Waterproof versatile in any environment. This Bible is designed to be tough and durable. The text below was taken from the NIV Waterproof Bible.

A Message From The Creators of The Waterproof Bible:

"The waterproof Bible originates from our desire to take God's Word into all of His creation, regardless of the weather or circumstances. That is why the WATERPROOF BIBLE is completely waterproof and durable, dries quickly, is much stronger than paper, and adapts well to all extremes or reading environment (on a rainy camp out, in a coffee shop, even in a hot tub!). Just as a frog lives on land and in water, the WATERPROOF BIBLE thrives in any situation or climate. In fact, it's the most durable Bible on earth. It features the complete text of the New International Version (NIV)- today's most read, most trusted modern English translation. Wherever life takes you carry the WATERPROOF BIBLE and Be Inspired. Any Where."

~Your Friends- Michael, Bobby and Anna

About The Binding & Cover

The NIV Waterproof Bible is made from 100% plastic materials, allowing this Bible to be completely submerged in water without damage. The spine is sturdy, and well glued. This durable Bible will maintain its form during everyday use and is resistant to normal wear and tear. Size: 5 7/8" x 8 3/4

Whats in side?
The text size of this edition is 7 point type, which is clear and readable. The layout of this Bible is double column format, black letter edition, with paragraph/subject headings. The pages are made of a sturdy, tear resistant material and the ink used is waterproof.

In the Front
  1. Presentation page
  2. Preface to The NIV
  3. Old Testament Book
  4. New Testament Book
In the Back
  1. Weights And Measures
How to care for your Bible:
This Bible is adversely affected by temperatures above 150* F. If you live in a hot climate do NOT leave this Bible in the car. If this Bible freezes while wet thaw before opening. Water will cause the pages to stick to one another, but once dry they will return to their original condition. The DuraBook format can be dried with a towel or by standing on the spine with the pages up. Petroleum products can cause the ink to smear so keep it way from all such products.

"It's refreshing to see the Scripture available in such a durable format. The Waterproof Bible ensures that even on you wildest adventures, God's Word is with you."
~ Margaret Feinberg, Speaker & Author of Scouting the Divine: My Search for God in Wine, Wool, & Wild Honey

About this Translation
The New International Version has became one of the most popular modern translations made in the twentieth century. This translation is easy to read & understand. The NIV is a Protestant translation that was released in full in 1978.

If you would like to learn more about the New International Version please go to the following sites

My Personal Opinion
The durability of this Bible is very impressive, its amazing that this edition is totally water proof. I love that this Bible can be washed off with out damage. I have always said that someone should publish a waterproof Bible. I am thankful that Bardin & Marsee Publishing has finally made this a reality. This would be a good edition for someone with severe allergies, because the allergens can be rinsed off. I recommend this Bible to anyone looking for a durable Bible.

The ink is 100% waterproof,
but some of the ink did smear when I touched it after using hand lotion (Waterproof not lotion proof). Personally I don't see this as a problem, but I thought it would be a good idea to point this out that way people would know to wash their hands before touching the ink. I would like to note that the text is still very readable.

The Bible featured in this review can be found at the following link

NIV Waterproof Bible, Pink and Brown Floral

Below are other cover styles of this edition.

239465: NIV Waterproof Bible Blue WaveNIV Waterproof Bible Blue Wave

239458: NIV Waterproof Bible Sportsman"s EditionNIV Waterproof Bible Sportsman's Edition

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow by Nancy Guthrie

In this book, Nancy Guthrie gently invites readers to lean in along with her to hear Jesus speak understanding and insight into the lingering questions we all have about the hurts of life: What was God’s involvement in this, and why did he let it happen? Why hasn’t God answered my prayers for a miracle? Can I expect God to protect me? Does God even care? According to Nancy, this questioning is not a bad thing at all but instead an opportunity. It’s a chance to hear with fresh ears the truth in the promises of the gospel we may have misapplied. It lets us retune our souls to the purposes of God we may have misunderstood.

What's Inside?:

Free Preview of Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow
Table of Contents:
  • xiii Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Hear Jesus Saying, I, Too, Have Known Overwhelming Sorrow (matthew 26:38) Jesus understands the crushing weight and agonizing loneliness of grief.
  • Chapter 2: Hear Jesus Saying, I, Too, Have Heard God Tell Me No (matthew 26:39) Jesus shows us what to do when God doesn’t give us what we want.
  • Chapter 3: Hear Jesus Saying, I Am Willing to Heal Your Deadliest Disease (mark 1:41) Jesus knows what we need most of all.
  • Chapter 4: Hear Jesus Saying, I Will Save You from Yourself (matthew 16:23) Jesus saves us from a wasted life of always trying to get our own way.
  • Chapter 5: Hear Jesus Saying, I Will Keep You Safe (matthew 10:28) Jesus protects us from eternal harm.
  • Chapter 6: Hear Jesus Saying, I Have a Purpose in Your Pain (john 9:3) Jesus gives us insight when we ask, “Why?”
  • Chapter 7: Hear Jesus Saying, I Will Give You a Heart for Forgiveness (mark 11:25) Jesus empowers us to forgive people who don’t deserve it.
  • Chapter 8: Hear Jesus Saying, I Am Enough for You (2 corinthians 12:9) Jesus provides what we need when we need it.
  • Chapter 9: Hear Jesus Saying, I Am Giving Life to Those Who Believe in Me (john 11:25-26) Jesus asks us to believe that death is not the end of life.
  • Chapter 10: Hear Jesus Saying, I Am in Controlof Your Life and Your Death (revelation 1:17-18) Jesus soothes our fear of death.
  • Conclusion: Hear Jesus Saying, I Will Give You Rest (matthew 11:28) Jesus opens his arms to us.
  • Discussion Guide
  • Acknowledgments
About The Author: Nancy Guthrie

Life can knock the wind out of you, taking with it your confidence in God. Or at least who you thought he was. Perhaps this explains why those who survive heart-breaking tragedy with their hope intact, and their faith expanded, have the power to inspire us. We want to hear from those people, we want to learn what they've learned. This may be why so many people love hearing from Nancy Guthrie. In burying two of her three children, Nancy has endured the kind of loss most of us hope we never have to face. Yet her hope has not dimmed, and her easy laugh has not disappeared.

Those who have watched Nancy and David Guthrie walk through the loss of two infant children, and the millions who have read their story worldwide in TIME Magazine and USA Today, have wondered at their ability to emerge from such sorrow with joy for life and passion for God. In reality, this deep place of pain caused Nancy to dig into the scriptures like she never had before, looking for answers to her questions and a deeper relationship to God. She offered many of the lessons she learned from this sorrowful experience in her 2002 book, Holding On to Hope: A Pathway of Suffering to the Heart of God (Tyndale House Publishers) which has helped thousands of people pursue God in the midst of their suffering. She regularly hears from readers book from all around the world who have been touched by the as the book as it has been translated into numerous languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Danish, Norwegian, Korean and Chinese.

Nancy has also written The One Year Book of Hope (also Tyndale), a daily devotional for people who are hurting or grieving, When Your Family's Lost a Loved One (with her husband, David), Hoping for Something Better (a study of the book of Hebrews) and Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow. The Guthries have seen God continue to use their loss to minister to other people going through loss in a variety of ways, including serving as co-hosts for a new production of the GriefShare video series. GriefShare is a 13-week video curriculum series that is used to facilitate weekly grief groups in more than 6,000 churches nationwide.

Nancy speaks regularly at women's retreats and evangelistic events nationally and internationally including recent events at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Second Baptist Church of Houston, a Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Conference, and a women's conference in Scotland. Nancy has worked in the Christian publishing industry for over twenty years as a publicist and special project editor. She currently handles media relations for CBA: The Association for Christian Retailers.

Nancy and her husband, David, and son, Matt, make their home in Nashville, Tennessee, where they attend Christ Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America

"Nancy writes with both conviction and compassion. . . . She takes on the hard questions that arise from ongoing suffering and undesired outcomes; then she responds to them with Scripture—which she applies to the issues with laser-like clarity. Not only does Nancy lead us to the Word, she also helps us connect with the living Word—Jesus. I highly recommend this thoroughly biblical book to all those who are suffering or helping others in their struggles. I found it a source of strength and encouragement." Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling

“Nancy Guthrie writes with the realism and perspective of one who has been refined in the cauldron of life’s tragedies. She does not offer up a panacea but the peace that comes from hearing Jesus speak into our sorrows.”--Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast

“Nancy’s style is straightforward, raw, and yet full of faith. This is a book I’ll refer to and recommend often to those struggling with unanswered questions about suffering.”--Kay Warren, executive director of the HIV/AIDS Initiative, Saddleback Church

“This is no theoretical treatise but a compelling book hammered out on the anvil of a mom’s heart.”--Dennis Rainey, president of FamilyLife and host of FamilyLife Today

“The Word of God has the answers, and that is exactly where Nancy Guthrie, a woman acquainted with sorrow, takes us. If you will let Nancy take you by the hand, lead you where she has been, share with you truth that never changes, and cry, ‘Heal me, O Lord’ (Jeremiah 17:14), you will find yourself hearing Jesus speak into your sorrow . . . and there you will find healing.”--Kay Arthur, co-CEO of Precept Ministries International

My Personal Opinion:
The book is a valuable and helpful asset for those dealing with lose. Having never read a book dealing with grief or mourning I did not anticipate that this book would be difficult for me to read. This has been a difficult book for me, not because of the book it's self, but because of losing my Daddy. Due to this difficulty I feel that I can not give an adequate assessment at this time. This review will be updated as I read the book.

This book can be found at the following link

Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow

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My Story Bible 66 Favorite Stories by Jan Godfrey

My Story Bible: 66 Favorite Stories by Jan Godfrey
Illustrations by Paola Bertolini Grudina

The My Story Bible helps children learn important life lessons from familiar Bible Characters. This book is written from a storyteller’s perspective; the imaginative writing makes the characters from the Bible come alive and piques children's interest in God's Word. Children will enjoy the brightly colored Illustrations and the wonderful stories.

Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 9 3/8 -- Binding: Hardcover -- Release: September 2009

What's Inside?:
Inside the My Story Bible are 66 short stories based on Biblical events found through out the Bible. The stories are layout in an easy to read format, with large font. This book contains colorful and engaging artwork for each story helping to being God’s Word to life.

Free Preview of The My Story Bible

Table of Contents:
  1. God Made the World pg. 8
  2. Noah Builds a Boat pg. 10
  3. Under the Stars pg. 12
  4. Three Visitors pg. 14
  5. Isaac and Rebekah pg. 16
  6. Joseph and His Brothers pg. 18
  7. Dreams Come True pg. 20
  8. Little Baby Moses pg. 22
  9. The King Who Said No pg. 24
  10. Follow the Leader pg. 26
  11. The Best Way to Live pg. 28
  12. Joshua’s Big Battle pg. 30
  13. God Chooses Gideon pg. 32
  14. Ruth and Naomi pg. 34
  15. The Voice in the Night pg. 36
  16. Seven Sons and a Shepherd Boy pg. 38
  17. David and Goliath pg. 40
  18. David the Songwriter pg. 42
  19. Solomon pg. 44
  20. Elijah and the Ravens pg. 46
  21. Fire on the Mountain pg. 48
  22. A Dip in the River pg. 50
  23. Jonah Runs the Other Way pg. 52
  24. The Sound of Music pg. 54
  25. Plots and Plans and Lions pg. 56
  26. The Promise of a King pg. 58
  27. A Visitor for Mary pg. 60
  28. A Ride to Bethlehem pg. 62
  29. The Shepherds’ Surprise pg. 64
  30. Follow the Star pg. 66
  31. Jesus Gets Lost pg. 68
  32. Jesus Is Baptized pg. pg. 70
  33. Jesus’ Prayer pg. 72
  34. God Cares about You pg. 74
  35. Very Special Friends pg. 76
  36. Miracle at the Wedding pg. 78
  37. The Hole in the Roof pg. 80
  38. The Story of Two Houses pg. 82
  39. The House That Fell Down pg. 84
  40. The Storm at Sea pg. 86
  41. Little Miss Jairus pg. 88
  42. The Enormous Picnic pg. 90
  43. The Story of the Kind Stranger pg. 92
  44. Trouble in the Kitchen pg. 94
  45. The Story of the Lost Sheep pg. 96
  46. The Loving Father 98
  47. The Man Who Couldn't See pg. 100
  48. Help Me! pg. 102
  49. The Man Who Climbed a Tree pg. 104
  50. Jesus Rides a Donkey pg. 106
  51. Less but More pg. 108
  52. A Lonely Garden pg. 110
  53. Three Crosses pg. 112
  54. A Sad Garden pg. 114
  55. A Happy Garden pg. 116
  56. Two Friends along the Road pg. 118
  57. Jesus and Thomas pg. 120
  58. Breakfast on the Shore pg. 122
  59. Jesus Goes to Heaven pg. 124
  60. Wind and Fire pg. 126
  61. Power for the Church pg. 128
  62. A New Follower of Jesus pg. 130
  63. Peter in Prison pg. 132
  64. Shipwreck! pg. 134
  65. Paul Writes Some Letters pg. 136
  66. No More Tears pg. 138
About The Authors:
Jan Godfrey:
Jan Godfrey is a born storyteller. She is an experienced writer for children with many published books. She is a retired school teacher who now lives in the South of England with her husband who is a pastor. They have four children and many grandchildren who love hearing Jan tell stories.

Paola Bertolini Grudina:
Paola Bertolini Grudina was born in Italy and worked as a graphic designer before becoming a children's book illustrator. Paola's inspiration for the books she has illustrated comes from her own Christian faith. She lives with her illustrator husband and five children in Gorizia, on the Italian border with Slovenia.

My Personal Opinion:
My niece really enjoys this book she loves hearing the Bible stories, and looking at the colorful art work. She especially enjoys the colorful art work, at times she flips through the pages just to look at the "pretty pictures". Her mom enjoys this book as well, because it helps her to explain God's Word in way that children understand and enjoy. If your looking for a Christian Children's Book this would be a good choice.

This book can be found at the link below

My Story Bible: 66 Favorite Stories

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Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear By Max Lucado

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear By Max Lucado

Book Description:

Fearless is a uplifting book that addresses the reasons we experience fear, fear's effects on our lives, and how through Christ we can over come our fears. The below text is from Thomas Nelson publishing.

"Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Over sized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?

Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear"

What's Inside?:

In this video Mr. Lucado addresses questions frequently asked concerning fear. This video helps to show the flow of his book, and showcases it's uplifting qualities.

Free Preview of Fearless By Max Lucado

Table of Contents

  1. Why Are We Afraid?
  2. The Villagers of Stiltsville: Fear of Not Mattering
  3. God's Ticked Off at Me: Fear of Disappointing God
  4. Woe, Be Gone: Fear of Running Out
  5. My Child Is in Danger: Fear of Not Protecting My Kids
  6. I'm Sinking Fast: Fear of Overwhelming Challenges
  7. There's a Dragon in My Closet: Fear of Worst-Case Scenarios
  8. The Brutal Planet: Fear of Violence
  9. Make-Believe Money: Fear of the Coming Winter
  10. Scared to Death: Fear of Life's Final Moments
  11. Caffeinated Life: Fear of What's Next
  12. The Shadow of a Doubt: Fear That God Is Not Real
  13. What If Things Get Worse?: Fear of Global Calamity
  14. The One Healthy Terror: Fear of God Getting Out of My Box
  15. Conclusion: William's Psalm
About The Author:
"Max Lucado loves words – written, spoken – it does not matter. He loves to craft sentences that are memorable, inspiring and hopefully life-changing. In almost 25 years of writing, more than 65 million books filled with his words have been sold.

Max is the only author to have won three Christian Book of the Year* awards—in 1999 for Just Like Jesus, in 1997 for In the Grip of Grace, and in 1995 for When God Whispers Your Name. In 2005, Reader’s Digest magazine dubbed him “America’s Best Preacher” and in 2004, Christianity Today magazine called him “America’s Pastor.” The product line for 3:16—The Numbers of Hope sold more than four million units worldwide, including one million units of the cornerstone trade book of the same title (released in September 2007), making it the fastest selling Lucado product in his career.

His works have appeared on every major national bestseller list including Publishers Weekly, USA Today, The New York Times, Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and Christian Booksellers Association. He has been featured in countless media outlets and national broadcasts.

Max’s writings have been published in a wide array of formats including adult books, gift books, children’s titles, Bibles, commentaries, calendars and devotionals. He is also the author/creator of “Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends” brand family, one of the most popular animated DVD series in the marketplace, with more than 5 million units sold to date. His words have also inspired a branded line of greeting cards and gift books for Hallmark/Dayspring that has sold more than 15 million copies since its 2001 debut.

Max Lucado is the Minister of Writing and Preaching at the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, where he has served since 1988. He has been married to Denalyn Lucado since 1981, and they have three grown daughters—Jenna, Andrea and Sara—and one son-in-law, Brett.

A comprehensive list of his books is available online (PDF download).

Birth Place: San Angelo, TX
Graduate: Andrews High School, Andrews, TX
Advanced Degrees:
BA Mass Communications, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX
MA: Biblical and Related Studies, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX
Positions Held:
Associate Minister, Central Church of Christ, Miami, FL
Church Planning Missionary, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Currently serving as Senior Minister, Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, TX"
The Above information was found at

My Personal Opinion:
The chapters I have read though are impressive, being both interesting and uplifting whiling helping one to see the truth about fear. The way the author conveys his thoughts through his life experiences, humorous stories, and scripture passages helps one to see that through Christ we can over come our fears. I love the author's since of humor, throughout this book are stories illustrating the author's point. Fearless is written in a conversational tone, giving one the impression of speaking with an old friend. This is an enjoyable and uplifting book, which I plan to finish reading.

Fearless shows the Christian view of conquering fear, I recommend this book to anyone who is experiencing anxiety, fear or worry.

This book can be found at the link below

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear By Max Lucado

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear By Max Lucado

Each sunrise seems to bring fresh reasons for fear.

They're talking layoffs at work, slowdowns in the economy, flare-ups in the Middle East, turnovers at headquarters, downturns in the housing market, upswings in global warming. The plague of our day, terrorism, begins with the word terror. Fear, it seems, has taken up a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversized and rude, fear herds us into a prison of unlocked doors. Wouldn't it be great to walk out?Imagine your life, wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear, was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, or doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, where you could trust more and fear less.

Can you imagine your life without fear?

This book can be found at the link below

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear

My Story Bible 66 Favorite Stories by Jan Godfrey and Paola Bertolini Grudina

This is a true story book. The 4-color bright and charming art will attract kids, but the way the writer makes the beloved 66 Bible stories come alive will keep them coming back. The book is written from a storyteller’s perspective; the imaginative writing makes the characters from the Bible come alive and piques kids’ interest about the word of God. The repetitive style helps kids remember the stories.

This book can be found at the link below

My Story Bible: 66 Favorite Stories

Antiqued Bonded Leather NIV Reference Bible

The NIV Reference Bible has been transformed with a uniquely stained cover, deckled edges and off-white paper to give it a classic, antique look. Antique on the outside, relevant on the inside, the NIV Reference Bible is sure to be a classic favorite.

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NIV Reference Bible--bonded leather, antiqued brown

100% Waterproof NIV Bible Old & New Testament Pink Brown Floral
Waterproof • Durable • Environmental • Long-Lasting Perfect for Beach/Pool, Bath Tub, Missions, Vacations, Sports

The Waterproof Bible will give you the freedom and inspiration to take God's Word with you wherever life takes you. Combined with today's most read and trusted translation, the NIV, this Bible offers unsurpassed versatility and confidence to go anywhere. Material: 100% Waterproof Synthetic Paper and Binding.

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NIV Waterproof Bible Pink and Brown Floral

NASB Giant-Print Reference Bible
The New American Standard Version in large easy to read 14 point text.

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NAS Giant Print Reference Bible, Imitation leather, Burgundy

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition
When the first American edition of the Catechism came out, it was an unexpected national bestseller. Why? Maybe it was because this book, in an age filled with doubts, teaches with authority. it isn't an interpretation of what Catholics believe; it is what Catholics believe. Here in one volume is the whole teaching of the Church, undiluted and uncompromised.These teachings are eternal. But the Catechism itself is up-to-the-minute. From animal experimentation to unemployment, it addresses all the most pressing moral questions of the modern world. The index is a masterpiece in itself, nearly 50 pages of carefully organized references that make it easy to find the Catechism's treatment of any subject.This second edition has been revised in accordance with the official Latin text. it also adds a helpful glossary.

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2nd Edition at

The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2nd Edition at

Jesus Calling By Sarah Young

Jesus Calling: Seeking Peace In His Presence By Sarah Young

Book Description:

Jesus Calling is a uniquely inspired, thought provoking devotional written by missionary Sarah Young as her personal prayer journal. Mrs. Young felt compelled to write down whatever she felt God was moving her to put on paper. She knew her writings were not inspired as Scripture, but felt that these messages were a personal revelation. At first writing in her journal was awkward, but gradually she allowed her journal, and her writing style to change from monologue to first-person dialogue. Jesus Calling is written in dialogue format that gives the impression that Jesus is speaking through the book's pages, offering encouragement and wisdom. The book is written from Jesus’ point of view, this is a unique aspect and is very up-lifting. Writing daily in her prayer journal Mrs. Young grow closer to God, and it is her fervent prayer that our Savior may bless readers with His presence and His peace in ever deeper measure.

A Preview of Jesus Calling:

January 3

Refresh yourself in the Peace of My Presence.

This Peace can be your portion at all times and in all circumstances. Learn to hide in the secret of My Presence, even as you carry out your duties in the world. I am both with you and within you. I go before you to open up the way, and I also walk alongside you. There could never be another companion as devoted as I am.

Because I am your constant Companion, there should be a lightness to your step that is observable to others. Do not be weighed down with problems and unresolved issues, for I am your burden-bearer. In the world you have trials and distress, but don't let them get you down. I have conquered the world and deprived it of power to harm you. In Me you may have confident Peace.

Psalm 31:19-20 (NASB); John 16:33 (AMP)

January 4

I want you to learn a new habit.

Try saying, "I trust You, Jesus" in response to whatever happens to you. If there is time, think about who I AM in all My Power and Glory; ponder also the depth and breadth of My Love for you.

This simple practice will help you to see Me in every situation, acknowledging My sovereign control over the universe. When you view events from this perspective -- through the Light of My universal Presence -- fear loses its grip on you. Adverse circumstances become growth opportunities when you affirm your trust in Me no matter what. You receive blessings gratefully, realizing they flow directly from My hand of grace. Your continual assertion of trusting Me will strengthen our relationship and keep you close to Me.

Isaiah 40:10-11

About the Author:
SARAH YOUNG is quietly leading thousands of women worldwide on a journey of intimacy with Christ. Mrs. Young has a philosophy degree from Wellesley College, a counseling degree from Georgia State University, a Master’s degree from Tufts University, and studied with Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri Fellowship. Sarah and her husband have traveled around the world planting churches and counseling, and they currently reside in Australia.

Q & A with Sarah Young

My Personal Opinion:
The devotions in Jesus Calling are short usually only one page, making this an excellent daily devotional. I find this book to be uplifting and enjoyable and recommend it to those looking for a daily devotional.

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