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New Living Translation Ultra-Thin Pitt Minion Reference Edition: Published by Cambridge University Press

This edition is the first Cambridge Bible published in the New Living Translation and is presented in the classic Pitt Minion format—widely admired for its combination of a slimline form, good readability and elegant page design.

About The Binding & Cover:
The cover of this edition is made from high quality French Morocco leather. French Morocco leather is made from high-grade Calfskin leather which is split to make it slightly thinner, in order to simulate the appearance and texture of sheepskin leather. This type of leather is very durable and will last for many years. This Bible lays flat in your hand while you are reading due to it's high quality Smythe sewn binding. Smythe sewn binding is considered the highest quality binding, the pages are sewn and glued to the spine of the Bible. The benefits are a long lasting Bible that can be read and reread for years without falling apart. Books with Smythe sewn binding will stand up to more abuse than regular glued binding, and can be read on a flat surface. For these reasons many textbooks, picture books and Bibles that are designed to stand the tests of time use Smythe sewn binding. Smythe sewn book printing and binding gets its name from its inventor, an Irish-American named David McConnell Smythe (1833-1807). A pioneer of modern day bookbinding, Smythe took a bold leap forward over the centuries old methods of binding by producing the first technology and methods for sewing book pages to the spine to create a book of superior quality and appearance. Size: 6.94 X 4.88 (inches) Weight: 17 ounces (500gm)

What’s inside?
This Bible is impressive for its size having many features I would not expect to see in a thin line edition. Features Include: A center column cross reference, a very useful tool for finding related verses. Sixteen detailed color maps, with a map index to help you find certain locations. The Concordance is 116 pages, to easily find key words and related verses. In the Concordance are short explanations of what each word means, allowing the Concordance to serve as a Dictionary. The text size is 6.75 on 7pt lexicon No.1, the front used makes this edition one of the most readable compact Bible I have used. This edition's layout is double column format, red letter edition, with paragraph/subject headings. Printed in the Netherlands on Indian paper gives this edition a true since of craftsmanship. The black leather cover, black ribbon marker, and pages edged in gold gives this edition a classic elegance reminiscent of the 1900's.

In the Front
  • Presentation Page
  • Books of the Bible in Canonical Order
  • Books of the Bible in Alphabetical Order
  • A Note to Readers
  • Introduction to the NLT
In the Back
  • Concordance/Dictionary
  • Map Index and Maps
About this Translation:
The New Living Translation (NLT) is a translation of the Bible into a clear, readable form of modern English. Originally starting out as an effort to revise The Living Bible, the project evolved into a new English translation from the Hebrew and Greek texts. This latest edition released in 2007 follows a combination of formal equivalence (or word-for-word) and dynamic equivalence (or thought-for-thought) methods of translation. The words and phrases are translated as simply and literally as possible. The result is a translation that is both analytically accurate and visually powerful."

Cambridge University Press is the world's oldest continually operating book publisher and is the oldest Bible Publisher, with an unrivaled tradition stretching back over 4 centuries and a long standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Cambridge University Press is committed to the highest standards of printing and binding. Each Cambridge Bible is skillfully made from the finest materials. The materials used in the binding are natural products, and many aspects of the binding process are hand-crafted, resulting in a unique and long last Bible. As a testament to the quality of their Bibles, each Cambridge Bible is unconditional guaranteed for life against defective materials or workmanship of any kind.

References :Cambridge University Press Wikipedia
NLT Wikipedia
NLT Comparison Chart
NLT Endorsements

My Personal Opinion
I find this Bible impressive, for many reasons: 1. It lays flat in my hand while reading, something that I always appreciate and look for in quality Bibles. 2. The leather has a wonderful feel , this is one is one of those Bibles that you will not want to put down. 3. Unlike many leather Bibles the detailed grain of this edition looks very natural, greatly adding to it's appearance. 4 . The paper is surprisingly strong, this is the first ultra-thin Bible that I felt comfortable flipping through the pages. Many ultra-thin editions will wrinkle or tear if you flip through them the way you would a regular sized Bible. I am very impressed with the quality of this edition, and would recommend this Bible to anyone looking for a Ultra-Thin NLT.

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NLT Pitt Minion Reference Bible, French Morocco leather, black

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