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My Story Bible 66 Favorite Stories by Jan Godfrey

My Story Bible: 66 Favorite Stories by Jan Godfrey
Illustrations by Paola Bertolini Grudina

The My Story Bible helps children learn important life lessons from familiar Bible Characters. This book is written from a storyteller’s perspective; the imaginative writing makes the characters from the Bible come alive and piques children's interest in God's Word. Children will enjoy the brightly colored Illustrations and the wonderful stories.

Trim Size: 8 1/2 x 9 3/8 -- Binding: Hardcover -- Release: September 2009

What's Inside?:
Inside the My Story Bible are 66 short stories based on Biblical events found through out the Bible. The stories are layout in an easy to read format, with large font. This book contains colorful and engaging artwork for each story helping to being God’s Word to life.

Free Preview of The My Story Bible

Table of Contents:
  1. God Made the World pg. 8
  2. Noah Builds a Boat pg. 10
  3. Under the Stars pg. 12
  4. Three Visitors pg. 14
  5. Isaac and Rebekah pg. 16
  6. Joseph and His Brothers pg. 18
  7. Dreams Come True pg. 20
  8. Little Baby Moses pg. 22
  9. The King Who Said No pg. 24
  10. Follow the Leader pg. 26
  11. The Best Way to Live pg. 28
  12. Joshua’s Big Battle pg. 30
  13. God Chooses Gideon pg. 32
  14. Ruth and Naomi pg. 34
  15. The Voice in the Night pg. 36
  16. Seven Sons and a Shepherd Boy pg. 38
  17. David and Goliath pg. 40
  18. David the Songwriter pg. 42
  19. Solomon pg. 44
  20. Elijah and the Ravens pg. 46
  21. Fire on the Mountain pg. 48
  22. A Dip in the River pg. 50
  23. Jonah Runs the Other Way pg. 52
  24. The Sound of Music pg. 54
  25. Plots and Plans and Lions pg. 56
  26. The Promise of a King pg. 58
  27. A Visitor for Mary pg. 60
  28. A Ride to Bethlehem pg. 62
  29. The Shepherds’ Surprise pg. 64
  30. Follow the Star pg. 66
  31. Jesus Gets Lost pg. 68
  32. Jesus Is Baptized pg. pg. 70
  33. Jesus’ Prayer pg. 72
  34. God Cares about You pg. 74
  35. Very Special Friends pg. 76
  36. Miracle at the Wedding pg. 78
  37. The Hole in the Roof pg. 80
  38. The Story of Two Houses pg. 82
  39. The House That Fell Down pg. 84
  40. The Storm at Sea pg. 86
  41. Little Miss Jairus pg. 88
  42. The Enormous Picnic pg. 90
  43. The Story of the Kind Stranger pg. 92
  44. Trouble in the Kitchen pg. 94
  45. The Story of the Lost Sheep pg. 96
  46. The Loving Father 98
  47. The Man Who Couldn't See pg. 100
  48. Help Me! pg. 102
  49. The Man Who Climbed a Tree pg. 104
  50. Jesus Rides a Donkey pg. 106
  51. Less but More pg. 108
  52. A Lonely Garden pg. 110
  53. Three Crosses pg. 112
  54. A Sad Garden pg. 114
  55. A Happy Garden pg. 116
  56. Two Friends along the Road pg. 118
  57. Jesus and Thomas pg. 120
  58. Breakfast on the Shore pg. 122
  59. Jesus Goes to Heaven pg. 124
  60. Wind and Fire pg. 126
  61. Power for the Church pg. 128
  62. A New Follower of Jesus pg. 130
  63. Peter in Prison pg. 132
  64. Shipwreck! pg. 134
  65. Paul Writes Some Letters pg. 136
  66. No More Tears pg. 138
About The Authors:
Jan Godfrey:
Jan Godfrey is a born storyteller. She is an experienced writer for children with many published books. She is a retired school teacher who now lives in the South of England with her husband who is a pastor. They have four children and many grandchildren who love hearing Jan tell stories.

Paola Bertolini Grudina:
Paola Bertolini Grudina was born in Italy and worked as a graphic designer before becoming a children's book illustrator. Paola's inspiration for the books she has illustrated comes from her own Christian faith. She lives with her illustrator husband and five children in Gorizia, on the Italian border with Slovenia.

My Personal Opinion:
My niece really enjoys this book she loves hearing the Bible stories, and looking at the colorful art work. She especially enjoys the colorful art work, at times she flips through the pages just to look at the "pretty pictures". Her mom enjoys this book as well, because it helps her to explain God's Word in way that children understand and enjoy. If your looking for a Christian Children's Book this would be a good choice.

This book can be found at the link below

My Story Bible: 66 Favorite Stories

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