Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review Time!: Goddess Prayer Beads by Magick Alive Prayer Beads

As many of you know, I passionately collect prayer beads from around the world. It amazes me how even though people are of different religions they all seek a closer relationship with the Divine through prayer and meditation. A few weeks ago I found this set online at Magick Alive Prayer Beads. I have never seen a set of Goddess prayer beads with this layout before it is very unique. But what truly makes this set unique is not the layout of the beads. No what makes this set of prayer beads unlike any other is the combination of symbolism and the care that the artist put into making this set of prayer beads.

Symbolic Meaning:
Each aspect of Magick Alive Prayer Beads features symbols which hold different meanings to a variety of cultures. Mrs. Price -the master mind behind Magick Alive Prayer Beads- created this design to be used by anyone who has a connection to the Divine Feminine. As such this set of prayer beads holds both Wiccan and Christian symbolism.

Meaning of the Goddess Pendent:
The spiral Goddess pendent attached to this set of prayer beads holds many meanings to different people. Some people feel that the spiral represents spiritual power and renewal. While others believe that it symbolizes the rebirth of all man kind through reincarnation. Still others feel that it is a symbol of feminine power ~ the power of creating new life from within. All seem to agree that the Goddess aspect of the pendent is symbolic of the Divine Feminine/the Holy Spirit.

Meaning of the Triquetra:
The Triquetra is an ancient symbol that has been used in Wicca and Christianity for many years. The Triquetra's name comes from the Latin tri- "three" and quetrus "cornered". In Wicca this symbol is most commonly used to symbolize the three aspects of the Goddess that of Maiden, Mother and Crone. These three aspects are also symbolic of the life cycles of all women. In Christianity this symbol represents the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triquetra is also said to represent family; Father, Mother and Child; and the interconnected parts of our existence (Mind, Body, and Soul).

Meaning of the Spiral:
Spirals have been used throughout human history and can even be found in ancient prehistoric cave paintings. This symbol is thought to represent renewal, rebirth and spiritual power. To some this symbol also means eternal life.

Metaphysical Properties of Watermelon Tourmaline:

Watermelon Tourmaline is thought to work with the heart chakra, cleansing and removing emotional blockages. Is also thought to aid in removing emotional insecurities. It can help to inspire both creativity and practicality, and is thought to help connect the Heart Chakra to both physical and spiritual vibrations. Watermelon Tourmaline is said to calm overactive emotions. All of the tourmalines are used for their strong healing energies. The watermelon variety is used by crystal healers to encourage a calm, centered state of mind. Watermelon Tourmaline can help to lessen depression and mend emotional wounds by allowing one to see the meaning for certain events in life. Meditation with Watermelon Tourmaline can aid in the release of unhealthy patterns of behavior and making room for new ways of thinking that lead to a more complete life. Watermelon Tourmaline is great for meditation, energy-work, and crystal grid-work, and make a great addition to one's medicine bag. In general, Tourmaline can become electrically charged as a result of heat or pressure, which is a testament to the ability of these crystal's to impact one's energy field. Many flat irons are made with black tourmaline due to this unique property. All colors of Toumaline are very grounding and helpful in releasing stress and tension. Tourmaline is thought to balance yin and yang energies, as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Primary Chakra: ALL with attention to the Heart Chakra
Astrological sign(s): Gemini, Virgo

Stone Type/Family: Watermelon Tourmaline belongs to a group called Elbaite, which is a member of the Tourmaline family. Elbaite, is by far the most colorful group, including Indicolite (blue to blue/green), Verdelite (green), Rubellite (pink) and Watermelon (pink with green rind and sometimes green with pink rind).
Crystal System: Trigonal
Chemical Composition: Na(Li,Al)3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3 (OH)4, Sodium Lithium Aluminum Boro-Silicate Hydroxide
Hardness: 7-7.5

Color: Pink to strawberry centers with a green rind or on rare occasions, a green center with a pink rind
Location: Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, USA
Rarity: Relatively Common
Fun Fact: Ancient legend says that tourmaline is found in all colors because it traveled along a rainbow and gathered all the rainbow's colors. Why ancient people would think this: no gem family is more diverse than tourmaline. Tourmaline is an amazing gemstone that comes in any color you can imagine.

Artist Bio:
Mrs. Price tying ribbons on a tree for Beltane.
Based in Johns Creek, Georgia, Tanila Price enjoys creating one-of-a-kind prayer beads to aid any spiritual practice. As a retired nurse of age 62, Mrs. Price puts the love and compassion she learned from years of taking care of others into her work. Upon retirement she soon found that her next calling in life was creating prayer beads. Although her love for prayer beads has been a life long affair, she felt especially drawn to creating her own for personal use and for others. Mrs. Price's own words states “I have always loved prayer beads of any kind. I like the way they feel sliding through my fingers as I meditate and pray. I always have a strand with me. I even sleep with a strand.”. The Divine Feminine has a special place in Mrs. Price's heart. For this reason most of her designs reflect her passion and love for the Goddess and the Wiccan path. She is glad to make custom prayers beads for any path or religion. Mrs. Price states that she uses only genuine semiprecious gemstones and high quality findings to ensure that her prayers beads last for years to come. Mrs. Price does not simply make prayer beads, she truly makes them with love and care. She states “I fill each strand with as much power, energy and prayers as possible with the hopes that they will bring comfort and joy to those who purchase them. Each set of prayer beads is blessed with prayer, light and love”.

My Personal Opinion:
Personally I love the symbolism and beauty of this design. I really love that this type of prayer beads encourages you to create your own prayers, which is a refreshing practice. What is most interesting about this design is that that Christians and Wiccans alike can use this set of prayer beads to aid their spirituality. I find this set of prayer bead's focus on the Feminine aspect of the Divine is both empowering and refreshing. The Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways. I also love how Mrs. Price prays as she creates her prayer beads that is such a beautiful devotion. Most people over look that you can create change in someone's life through prayer, but Mrs. Price understands this and puts it in action. Personally I find this to be very moving and beautiful. 

If you are looking for one of a kind prayer beads I recommend checking out Mrs. Price's website at she operates her shop through Facebook. If you have a custom request just send her a message.