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Rustico Hand-Crafted Quote Book Journal

The Quote Book Journal is Rustico's smallest leather bound journal, designed for keeping your thoughts, quotes, or poetry on the go. This Journal is hand crafted in the USA from quality materials and is unique. Unlike manufactured journals, Rustico journals are made when ordered. The Rustic cowhide cover and hand torn pages give this journal an old world appearance, reminiscent of the journals used in the late 1800's- early 1900's.

About The Cover and Binding:
The cover of this journal is made from smooth top grain cowhide leather, made when cowhide is split from the top layer and refinished to the desired texture. Top Grain leather is the second highest grade of leather, and is as strong and durable as full grain leather. All leather used in Rustico journals are hand antiqued and crafted, giving each journal an unique appearance. The binding is hand sown to the cover making this journal sturdy and durable, made to last for many years.

Whats Inside:
In the Quote Book journal there are 96 hand torn blank pages for writing your thoughts, ideas, special memories or poetry. The paper is a thick weight recycled paper that is acid free. Rustico is an environmentally conscious company which prides in using only recycled paper or a cotton/paper blend in their journals. The unique texture and torn page edges gives this journal an old world appearance, reminiscent of the hand made journals used in the late 1800's- early 1900's. Paper Size: 3.25” x 3.5”

What Makes Acrid Free Paper Unique?
Unlike regular paper which disintegrates after a few decades, Acid free paper is designed to last for at least 100 years with out disintegrating. Acid free paper is especially useful for scrapbooking because it will not discolor, or damage photos. I recommend using an acid free or archival quality ink in this journal, this type of ink will not fade or discolor over time like regular ink. (If you decide to add small wallet size photos to your journal, you will not have to worry about the ink damaging them over time)

Information About Rustico And Artist Bio:
Isaac Childs -"Rustico began when I started making leather bound journals about 10 years ago because I like to write. My shelves were filled with tattered notebooks and folders stuffed with random thoughts and experiences along with great quotes I may have come upon or overheard that caught my attention. The trouble was that I had these sweet experiences and wonderful thoughts, quotes and ideas and no place that I could keep them. I wanted a book that would have a unique personality and classic look about it to hold my ideas and thoughts. I wanted my journal to be made to last for a lifetime and become more refined with each use. I wanted to have a book that I could carry with me everywhere, whether I was at work, on vacation, in the mountains, or even downtown. So I started making journals."

"Since then we have grown and have had to find ways to keep up with the demand for our books, still maintaining the personalized touch used from the beginning. I have brought on several friends to help keep up with all of these requests, yet personally oversee the production to ensure that only the highest quality of workmanship is put into each book."

"They represent only the highest quality of work. The pages in most of our sketchbooks, journals and photo albums are hand torn and folded to specific sizes. The paper we use is acid free and still has the unique texture of old fashioned paper presses. Our leather covers are cut from top grain hides and bound by hand to the paper using a style of binding that has been used for centuries. Throughout the process, we put the same amount of personality into each book. My hope is that our journals, sketch books and photo albums will be used to savor those precious memories that will bring sweet remembrance for years to come. I personally guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your journals, sketchbooks, and photo-albums, if not I will gladly replace your book for another, enjoy!"

~ Isaac Childs
Designer/General Manager, Rustico L.L.C.

My Personal Opinion:
The size of this journal makes it ideal for traveling, easily fitting in a pocket or purse. The quality is impressive, featuring handcrafted leather and rustic appearance. The leather is soft, flexible and has a nice feel, which is something I look for and value in leather bindings. Thick weight paper makes this journal a good choice for writing, drawing or mounting small photos. The thick leather cover and quality binding protect the pages when the journal is carried. I recommend this journal to those looking for a small high quality journal or scrapbooking project.

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