Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Little Known By Janice Daugharty

A Kind-Hearted Boy. A Segregated Town. A Stolen Fortune.
Set during the turbulent era of the 1960’s, in the small segregated town of Statenville Georgia, "The Little Known' is a unique coming-of-age story full of hope and forgiveness. The story revolves around the central character Knot Crews, a young African American boy besought with the hardships of living in a small segregated town. Despite his hardship young Knot shows kindness and generosity well beyond his years after finding a bag of stolen cash that was dropped by a thief. He decides to use his new found wealth to help those in need anonymously. Yet to his horror those whom he sought to help squander his gift. Young Knot seeks to find a way to right the wrongs, and in the process learns that money is not the solution to life’s problems. (In fact money can cause more problems than one would think.)

The Author:
Born and raised in Statenville, Ga Janice Daugharty is a writer with a southern flare. Her published works included seven acclaimed novels and two short story collections. In 1997 Ms. Daugharty’s  novel “Earl in the Yellow Shirt" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.  More recently Ms. Daugharty has served as writer-in-residence at Valdosta State University, in Valdosta, Georgia, near her home.

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"Daugharty does a fine job of demonstrating how ordinary men and women are affected, in unpredictable ways, by race, poverty and geography and by the enduring legacy of important historical moments." Francine Prose, People Magazine

"Daugharty creates a forceful character and a compelling, often even humorous narrative." Washington Post Book World

"Daugharty's ear is excellent, her language concise and precise...shrewd and colorful prose." The Atlanta-Journal Constitution

" will rejoice to see Daugharty do what she does best: showcase one character, setting her off against a thousand daily details, like a diamond nestled in the shards of lesser gems." USA Today

"Swirling with details that become more disturbing the closer you look, Ms. Daugharty's portrait of Cornerville is both intimate and unsettling." The New York Times Book Review

Janice Daugharty is a natural-born writer, one of those Georgia women like O'Connor, McCullers, or Siddons who are best grown in small towns, a long way from city lights. There is a lot of red clay and long nights in every line she puts on paper." Pat Conroy

My Personal Opinion:
Both unique and compelling Janice Daugharty presents her plot with passion and finesse. Her characters, and events are portrayed in realistic form. At times you may ask yourself “Could this have really happened“.  The answer is that this work is fictional although the story seems like a true tell. Which showcases the author's skill and creativity.  Great Job Aunt Janice, Love you

Where to Buy?
"The Little Known" is available on amazon in paper back and Kindle editions .
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