Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rosary Handbook by Mitch Finley

The Rosary Handbook: A guide for Newcomers, Old-Timers, and those in Between
by Mitch Finley

The Rosary Handbook is a wonderful book; it has a surprising amount of information to be only 141 pages. I love how this book shows the depth and meaning of each prayer. I also like the section that explains the mysteries of the Rosary, which includes Bible verses and thoughts for mediation. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Rosary. Reading this book has given me a greater appreciation of the Rosary.


The Rosary and you-A Perfect Match

The introduction section tells the author's story of how he came to know and love the Rosary, why he wrote The Rosary Handbook, and answers the question of who can Pray the Rosary. Which of course is anyone, but the author has a very interesting way of explaining this point.

Chapter 1
What's in it for me: Why You Should Pray the Rosary

This section is devoted to enplaning how the Rosary is a balanced, comprehensive, Christ-Centered prayer, that is Spiritually nourishing.

Chapter 2
Separating Fact from Myth: The Origins and History of the Rosary

This section separates the facts from the myths, showing the historical origin of the Rosary and how over the centuries the Rosary developed into the prayer it is today.

Chapter 3
More Than Just a String of Beads: The Prayers of the Rosary

In this section the author brakes down each prayer of the Rosary to show the true meaning and depth behind the prayers. Showing the depth and meaning within the Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed, and other prayers of the Rosary.

Chapter 4
Moments for Mediation: The Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary

This section explains the meaning and depth of each of the twenty Mysteries (or Scared Events) of the Rosary. These events center on the Life, Death, And Resurrection of Jesus. The author includes Bible verses and thoughts to contemplate for each Mystery.

Chapter 5
Getting Down to Basics: How to Pray the Rosary

This section explains how to pray the Rosary in an easy to follow format.

Putting It into Practice: Making the Rosary Your Own

This section explains how to make the Rosary you’re own prayer and how to bring the practice of praying the Rosary into our life.

A Quote From The Rosary Handbook by Mitch Finley
"In a very real since, the Rosary has everything that is most basic to a Christian outlook on life and the world around us."

This Book can be found at the link below.


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