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True Identity: The Bible for Women (NIV Italian Duo-Tone™, Violet/Melon Green

True Identity: The Bible for Women
is designed to be a devotional Bible for women in their 20's and 30's, with an emphasis on the issues women face during these years, such as career, dating, marriage, children, changing friendships, moving, etc. Although designed to help women in this age group, women of all ages can relate to the contents. The purpose of the True Identity Bible is to show us that our identity as women isn't what we do for a living, or in human relationships, but in being a Christian and having a relationship with God.

A quote from the publisher about the True Identity: The Bible for Women
"The Bible that helps you see yourself as God sees you. No matter what your stage in life, you’re probably facing a challenge or a change. Whatever you’re facing, you probably share your struggles with a friend. Now imagine your friend has incredible wisdom and is available anytime of the day or night! That’s what this Bible is about: becoming who you are in Christ through your relationship with him."

About the binding & cover
As demonstrated in the above slid show the True Identity Bible is flexible and lays flat while reading. The cover is made from Italian duo-tone which is a soft flexible artificial leather. Italian duo-tone is a good quality artificial leather which should prove to be close in durability to bonded leather. Artificial leather book covers such as this haven't been on the market long enough to know for sure. Italian duo-tone comes in many colors, and feels more durable then most artificial leathers. Size: 7.5 wide x 9.4 high x 2.2 deep in. | 190 wide x 239 high x deep 55 mm

What’s inside?
The text of this Bible is single column format ,with purple text and bold mint green paragraph/subject headings. The format and the layout of the features is eye catching and well designed. The paper is thin, and has a semi-transparent quality. I do not recommend using highlighters in this Bible. If you like to highlight passages I recommend crayola color pencils they work best on thin paper. The pages are edged with silver , which matches the cover & mint green ribbon marker very well. All of the notes, articles, and other features have a light conventional tone.

In the Front

Feature Contents:
  1. Ask Me Anything
  2. Myths
  3. Welcome to True Identity
  4. Contributors
  5. Preface to the NIV
Table of Contents:
  1. Books of the Bible in Canonical Order
In the Back
  1. Table of Wights and Measures
  2. Subject Index
  3. 60-day overview of the Bible reading plan
  4. 30 days with Jesus reading plan
  5. 30 days of "ask me anything" reading plan
  6. 30 days of "conversations" reading plan
  7. 30 days of "He is" reading plan
  8. Article: table for two
  9. Article: six degrees of separation
  10. Article: mentoring 101
  11. Article: you most powerful possession

Below is a brake down of the different features

• 100 “Myth” articles—States a commonly accepted myth that the world tells you is true, then refutes the myth with the truth of God’s Word.
• 30 “Ask Me Anything” notes—Profiles a woman from the Bible in an interview format where the biblical woman speaks to the modern readers about the life issue she faced.
• 200 “Conversations” notes—Penetrating questions to reflect on, either alone or with a friend or mentor.
• 200 “He Is” callouts—Highlights an attribute of God as shown or taught in Scripture and teaches how that affects a woman’s identity.
• 300 “At Issues” notes—Short teaching notes on life topics such as money, sex, or pride.
• Book introductions
• Topical index
• Back matter articles on topics such as mentoring, developing a consistent quiet time, Bible reading plans, memorizing Scripture, etc.

About this Translation.
The New International Version became one of the most popular modern translations made in the twentieth century. This translation is easy to read & understand. The NIV is a Protestant translation that was released in full in 1978. The Deuterocanonical books (Also known as the Apocrypha) are not included in this translation.

If you would like to learn more about the New International Version please go to the following sites

Preface to the New International Version (NIV) Bible

My Personal Opinion
The Cover and Text: The cool spiral designs of the cover give this Bible a very whimsical yet modern look. The purple text is easy to read, and surprisingly isn't a distraction.(From now on I'll be looking for purple letter editions.) The Features: Many of the articles are interesting and useful, but at times some articles come across as overly simplistic. This would be a good Bible for women looking for answers to every day issues. I recommend this Bible to women looking for a devotional Bible with a conversational tone.

This Bible can be found at the link below.

True Identity: The Bible for Women, NIV--soft leather-look, violet/melon green

The soft-cover edition can be found at the following link.

True Identity: The Bible for Women (NIV), Softcover

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