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The Mormon Mirage Third Edition: By Latayne C. Scott

The Mormon Mirage:
A Former Member Looks At The Mormon Church Today Third Edition
By Latayne C. Scott

What's Inside
The Mormon Mirage is a collection of Mrs.Scott's finding from years of research as a devout Mormon. The 3rd edition is the latest version of her book, in this edition you will also find her more recent research and opinions. Mrs.Scott writes in a conversational non-scholarly tone, and is very strait forward in her statements. In the back of this book you will find many references so that you can do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

Table Contents

Part One
  1. A Gentle Apostasy: Mrs. Scott's personal history and conversion story.
  2. The Joseph Smith Story: The of life Joseph Smith from Mormon, Non-Mormon, and Ex-Mormon sources.
  3. The Book of Mormon: " The Most Correct of Any Book"?: Information about the Book of Mormon, how it was transitioned, its contents, what it means to Mormons today.
  4. One Bible, Two Books of Commandments, and Unlimited Wives: How Mormons view the Bible and the translations used by the LDS church. The history, contents and teachings of the LDS Scripture "The Doctrine and Covenants".
  5. The Perils of the Pearl: The history, contents and teachings of the LDS Scripture "The Pearl of Great Price".
  6. The Precarious Summit of Continuing Revelation: The different groups who follow Joseph Smith's teachings. The nature, and mechanics of LDS Revelation. Joseph Smith's successors and continuing revelation.
  7. The Mormon Pantheon: Topics covered in this section are the eternity of man, the idea of preexistence, the Mormon veiw of God ,The belief that one may attain godhood (or goddesshood), The Mormon view of God as a progressive being, the Adam-God doctrine, the Mormon view of Christ, his conception, marriages, other LDS doctrine, the Mormon view of the Holy Ghost, the Mormon view of Satan and evil spirits. the Mormon veiw of angels as resurrected and translated beings.
  8. Salvation and Exaltation: The idea of Salvation vs Exaltation, The Mormon veiw of Baptism, Baptism for the dead and Proxy Baptism. The different types of Endowment for Exaltation, Temple Ceremonies, Sins which prevent Exaltation, The Mormon Doctrine of Resurrections.
Part Two
  1. Issues and Challenges Facing Mormonism in the 21st Century- Part One
  2. Issues and Challenges Facing Mormonism in the 21st Century- Part Two
  3. Conclusion
Addendum-Evangelizing Mormons in the 21st Century
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Latayne C. Scott was a devout Mormon for 10 years, she served as a Sunday school teacher, and participated in lady's groups, and children organizations. She received her eduction with the help of scholarships provided by LDS for Brigham Young University. "I lived Mormonism; I loved it-and I left it." ~Latayne C. Scott


One must always be aware when reading books written by an individual that sometimes personal opinion will come through, even when one is trying to write objectively. The reason I point this out is because she writes very passionately.

About The Author
Latayne C. Scott is the award-winning author of over a dozen books, published by major Christian publishers such as Zondervan, Moody, Baker, Word and others. In addition, she has published poems, radio plays, and hundreds of articles in magazines such as Today’s Christian Woman, Guideposts, Writer’s Digest, The Upper Room, Christian Research Journal, Christian Retailing, and Military Officer. A full-time writer, she also speaks at seminars, retreats, and on television and radio programs. She is the recipient of Pepperdine University’s Distinguished Christian Service Award for Creative Christian Writing, and makes her home in her native New Mexico.

Web Site: http://www.latayne.com

My Personal Opinion
The Mormon Mirage is defiantly an interesting, and shocking book. According to Mrs. Scotts research the majority of Mormon beliefs are very different from traditional Christianity. Before writing this review I had never talked with a Mormon missionary, because of this I went to the LSD website and asked a Mormon missionary some questions. My questions were "What are your views of the Trinity?, Will faithful Mormons attain godhood after death? and does God the Father have a flesh and bone body?" the answers I was given were basically the scholarly version of what I found in Mrs. Scott's book. She encourages the reader to do their own research, and gives multiple references. Many of the references are Mormon books of scripture, such as the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

This book can be found at the following link


  1. Perhaps of all the reviews written by people who have never been Mormons about this book I am most grateful for yours. That's because you took the time to actually go to LDS spokespersons and verify what I said. I am very grateful.

    Latayne C Scott

  2. Thank you Latayne I really appropriate your comments both on this post and on the Catholic Answers form. This has defiantly made my day brighter :)