Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Cross Personal Agenda with Pen

About The Cover:

The cover of this agenda is made from top quality full-grain leather, the leather is soft to the touch making this planner a pleasure to use. Products which are made from full-grain leather are meant to last for many years of daily use and will out last products made of other types of materials. Cross specially treats each piece of full grain leather to enhance the quality, color and finish of each naturally pebbled piece of leather. The leather retains the original texture of the hide, showcasing its natural characteristics. Unlike other materials full-grain leather acquires a natural patina over time. The stitching used on this agenda is high quality upholstery grade thread, which adds to the durability of this planner. This agenda measures 5 1/2" x 7 3/8"

About Full-Grain Leather:
Full-grain leather is considered the highest quality of leather, the natural pattern of the hide is unaltered. The grain remains in its natural state which will allow the best fiber strength, resulting in greater durability. Full-grain leather can be made from a variety of different animal hides, but is usually made from cow hide. Hides chosen for full-grain leather are superior quality and selected to ensure the finished product has no imperfections. Unlike other types of leather, full-grain leather uses the whole hide rather than layers of the hide. In contrast, top-grain leather, another very desirable high quality leather is made from the top layers of the animal hide only. Using the whole hide makes full-grain leather much thicker, and very durable. Full-grain leather will over time develop a natural patina.

Leather can undergo complex treatment processes, many of these treatments may result in weaker leather that will not wear as well. Full-grain leather is desirable because of its minimal treatments and its durability. With full-grain leather, the hides are not treated through the same treatment processes as other types of leathers. Instead the hair of the animal is removed from the hide, but the hide is not sanded. Which allows the nature grain of the leather to remain unaltered. Full-grain leather can be dyed in a variety of colors called aniline finish. The finish does not effect the durability of the leather. Another type of finish is called semi-aniline finish. This is a clear finish placed on the leather that will allow natural imperfections in the leather to show. Actually many desire the semi-aniline finish in full-grain leather because it gives a more natural look to the leather.

About The Pen:

The pen included with this plainer is a unique chrome ballpoint pen, which also serves as a latch to keep the agenda closed. This form of latch appears to be more durable than over varieties I have used. The pen is held firmly in place by a leather and elastic loop. Cross pens are well known as durable high quality writing instruments, this pen is a good example of the quality and craftsmanship of Cross products. Each Cross pen comes with a life time guarantee, if your pen malfunctions Cross will fix or replace the pen for no cost. From my personal experiences with Cross, I am very impressed with their life time guarantee policy. Measures: 4 3/5 inches

What's Inside?:
Inside you will find:
  • Four Card-Holder Slots
  • Receipt pocket
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Notes
  • Address Book
My Personal Opinion:
Personally I find the quality of this Agenda very impressive, having grown up in an upholstery shop I can say that the materials used in this product are high quality. I am especially impressed with rich even color tone and softness the leather. A lot of time and energy goes in to making quality leather products, this agenda is a good example of craftsmanship.

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