Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sakura Glaze Pens: Stained Glass Sticklers

Sticklers are a fun way to decorate plastic, metal, glass, or paper items. Sticklers are an easy way to add your own stylish touch to cards, wedding st6ationary, notebooks, and personal electronics like cell phones or MP3 players. Sticklers kits utilize metallic colored die cut outline stickers with 3 coordination special craft pens that can write on virtually any non porous surface.

Personalize Items Such As:
  • Card-making,
  • Stationary
  • Gift Tags
  • Rubber Stamping
  • Electronics such as Laptops, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Etc
  • School supplies
  • Vases
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Votive Candles

Enamel Your Jewelery:
After using the glaze pens to decorate prayer candles, the idea hit me that the ink in these pens might be similar to enamel? To test this idea I used my high school ring, since all the enamel had warn off and my St.Michael necklace.

My High School Ring Re-Enameled with Glaze Pens:

I am very impressed with the results, as you can see in the photo my high school ring looks like new again. Using the glaze pens to fix this problem was much easier and faster than mailing the ring to the manufacturer to be re-enameled, (5 minutes vs 2 months). Of course the glaze pen enamel isn't permanent, but judging by how well the enamel has lasted on my St.Michael necklace it is impressive.

My St.Michael Medal Enameled with Glaze Pens:

This St.Michael necklace is something that I wear every day, I have tried using other coloring products to highlight the detail of this medal such as acrylic paints, permanent markers, etc. but the longest any of those products lasted were 4- 5 days. It is very impressive that the glaze pen enamel has lasted 2 weeks of daily wear and still looks just like I applied it a few minutes ago.

My Personal Opinion:
I found Sakura sticklers to be a fun, creative, and unique way to decorate and personalize my things. The style of sticklers is a unique concept that can add a whimsical touch or an elegant flare to any item. There are many craft ideas and projects that utilizing the glaze pens can add a level detail unobtainable most other ways that makes this an excelent resource or gift for any crafter or hobbiest.

Sakura Sticklers and Glaze pens can be found at the following links-

Silver Stickers

Gold Stickers

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