Thursday, November 18, 2010

Charms with Southern Flare: Purple Turtle Porium's Sterling Silver Possum Charm

Adorable and skillfully detailed this unique possum charm adds southern flare to any design. This charm is crafted from genuine sterling silver with oxidized details. Underneath the charm is stamped 925 indicating the charm's content of pure silver. As with genuine Pandora charms, internal threads located inside of the charm allows it to be twisted onto a variety of European charm bracelets. Although Pandora did not craft this charm it fits on my Pandora bracelet perfectly. When twisting this charm onto to the bracelet it fits exactly the same as my Pandora charm (which is very impressive given the difference in price between the charms). It should be noted that both charms feel like they are the same weight when held in one's palm. This is important as charms that weight more than Pandora's charms could possibly damage your Pandora bracelet. Keep this in mind when purchasing charms that are not crafted by Pandora. The larger faceted bead is a free gift that Purple Turtle Porium sent along with my purchase. This bead is lightweight, yet very reflective adding a welcomed touched of sparkle to my bracelet.

What's a Possum?:

Opossums (commonly referred to as possums) are nocturnal omnivores commonly found in the United States (especially here in the south). Their name originates from the Algonquian word aposoum, meaning "white beast". This unique creature is the largest marsupial in the Western Hemisphere and has more teeth than any other land mammal. According to Wikipedia "Adult opossums do not hang from trees by their tails, as sometimes depicted, though babies may dangle temporarily. Instead, the opossum uses its tail as a brace and a fifth limb when climbing. The tail is occasionally used as a grip to carry bunches of leaves or bedding materials to the nest. A mother will sometimes carry her young upon her back, where they will cling tightly even when she is climbing or running. When threatened or harmed, they will "play possum", mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. When playing possum, the lips are drawn back, teeth are bared, saliva foams around the mouth, and a foul-smelling fluid is secreted from the animal. This response is involuntary, rather than a conscious act. Their stiff, curled form can be prodded, turned over, and even carried away. The animal will regain consciousness after a period of minutes or hours and escape. Opossums also have a remarkably robust immune system, and show partial or total immunity to the venom of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other pit vipers."


About Purple Turtle Porium:
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Ms. Joanne (the artist and mastermind behind Purple Turtle Porium) is committed to providing quality beads that will fit all styles of European charm bracelets. As a Pandora bead collector and a proud mother of two she is particular about the quality and safety of the beads she sells. Ms. Joanne states "I am very particular about the beads that I sell, and they must all pass a rigorous inspection." Purple Turtle Porium's policy is complete customer satisfaction. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with their purchase a full refund of the purchase price is given. Aside from the cute design of the charm, this policy is what sold me on buying it. There are many online retailers making clams that their beads are compatible with Pandora bracelets, but often times they fail to deliver quality charms. Unlike other shops this one has a policy to keep this from happening.

Personal Opinion:
The quality of this charm is impressive for its price. Unless you are a Pandora Collector it is difficult to tell the difference between the genuine Pandora charm and the charm featured in this review. I am very pleased with my order, and highly recommend Purple Turtle Porium to all my friends. This charm is a wonderful gift for any country girl. For me this charm reminds me that no matter how much I have changed since my childhood, I am still deep down the same country girl that once trapped possums (in non-harmful traps) just for fun.

Where to Buy?:
Purple Turtle Porium's charms can be purchased online from and

Disclosure of Material Connection:
This review is based upon my purchase from Purple Turtle Porium. Review Time is not in any way affiliated with Purple Turtle Porium, I simply appreciate the craftsmanship and design of this charm. The opinions I have expressed within my review are my own. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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