Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review Time! Hand-Crafted Prayer Beads by Stairway Heaven

It is said that hand-crafted rosaries are not only beautiful, but they also carry the love and intent of the person who made them. Personally I have found this to be very true. This lovely rosary and protestant prayer beads express the artist's passion and creativity through her careful attention to detail, craftsmanship and her love for choosing unqiue components to create her designs. The rosary and prayer beads featured in this review incorporate genuine gemstones, quality flex-wire, and sterling silver beads and findings.  Each set is unqiue with its own theme and artistic design. Stairway Heaven's hand-crafted rosaries and prayer beads are made using a variety of quality materials making each set a unique work of art.

About The Artist:
Based in Frederick, Maryland Anna Mursin enjoys creating one-of-a-kind prayer beads and rosaries. Her years expertise in the art of beaded jewelry helped her found Stairway Heaven in May of 2011. Mrs. Mursin founded Stairway Heaven as a personal dedication to her father by combining her passion for creating jewelry and her faith. 

My Personal Opinion:
As someone who passionately collects prayer beads, I am impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of Anna Mursin's designs. The hand-crafted charm of her designs set them apart. Unlike rosaries you may find in a traditional store, each aspect from the color of the beads to the findings used to create the design are selected with care and lovingly worked together creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

My Thoughts About The Rosary:
I love the crucifix attached to this rosary and its symbolism. Its so rare to see a crucifix that incorporates a star into its design (the star often symbolize the five wounds Christ suffered). I also admire Mrs. Mursin's choice of turquoise and tigers eye beads as they complement each other. The use of cap beads around the tiger's eye is a nice touch as well. The center of the rosary is a miraculous medal which adds to the beauty of this design.

My Thoughts About The Prayer Beads:
The turquoise cross attached to the prayer beads is simply breath taking. I love the design of the cross and the way it is surrounded by five lapis lazuli stones. The symbolism of this piece is beautiful as the five stones symbolize many things such as the five wounds of Christ, the five knightly virtues and to some the five elements. I love Mrs. Mursin's use of color, the turquoise and lapis lazuli complement each other very well. The center is a beautiful triple spiral. Once again, I love the symbolism as this design as it is often symbolic of the Holy Trinity. For this reason the triple spiral is one of my favorite symbols.

Where To Buy:
For other beautiful rosaries and prayer beads check out Stairway Heaven's Etsy Shop at Stairway Heaven also creates custom orders for those looking for a truly one-of-a-kind rosary, prayer beads or mala.


  1. Thank you Dina for such a professional, yet delightful, review of my work. I am blessed.

  2. Thank you, Ms. Staggs. It's a joyful, yet professional review of my rosaries and prayer beads on etsy. I am blessed to have you review them.

  3. Such an interesting review of the rosary handcrafted with so much love