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Review Time! Simplicity Cosmetics: Primer & Foundation

Two words... Simply amazing! 
Simplicity Cosmetics are lite weight, offer great coverage, and most importantly allow your skin to breathe. These qualities cause me to forget that I am wearing makeup. Simplicity Cosmetics offers a rainbow of colors ranging from skin tones to bright blues and purples. Currently Simplicity Cosmetics  offers blush, eye shadows, foundation, finishing veil, primer, bronzer, and lip gloss. Each product is created by hand in small batches to ensure quality, which is also a plus when buying cosmetics.  This review will focus on the Primer & Foundation I purchased, and later this week I will post another review featuring eye-shadows.

Light - Mineral Sheer Primer:
Simplicity Cosmetic's Mineral Sheer Primer is great for covering blemishes and redness. This is an important product as it is designed to minimize oil and help keep your makeup in place. When using the primer I have found this to be very true, as it helps my makeup to stay in place all day. 
  • Type:  Mineral Sheer Primer - Light 
  • Shade: sheer light
  • Ingredients: silica, rice powder, mica
  • Packaging: Comes in a 30 gram sifter jar and contains 6 grams of product. Larger jars are used so the primer isn't so packed, making it easier to use. 

Mineral Foundation - Natural:
Simplicity Cosmetic's Foundation works best when used with a primer.  It's kind of like using a primer undercoat on a wall before you begin painting (you can paint with out a primer, but if you really want to hide blemishes use the primer first).  The foundation is very lite weight, which I personally find very impressive.
  • Type: Mineral Foundation - Natural
  • Shade: Light with neutral undertones (a bit darker than the ivory shade)
  • Finish: Medium to heavy coverage - matte finish
  • Ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, magnesium stearate, silica, iron oxides
  • Packaging: Comes in a 25 gram sifter jar and contains 6 grams of product. The jar is wide and flat and works well with kabuki type foundation brushes.  

Artist Bio:
Based in Argyle, Texas Sarah expresses her passion for mineral cosmetics through making her own healthy, all natural cosmetics with as few ingredients as possible.  Her love of mineral makeup began 8 years ago, and since her discovery of all natural cosmetics she has used nothing else. After a few years of perfecting her formulas, Sarah began selling her products on Etsy -Simplicity Cosmetics- 6 years ago. Nearly all her products are vegan friendly and have the ingredients clearly detailed in each listing. Sarah's goal is to provide high quality natural mineral cosmetics at affordable prices while using the best ingredients. Healthy is her main concern as she states "I stay away from fillers and other ingredients that aren't necessary. There are a few ingredients that you will never find in my products: No Parabens, No Bismuth, No Micronized or Nano Minerals, No Talc, No Dyes & No Cornstarch."

Truly Hypoallergenic:
Since my late teens I have been unable to wear cosmetics due to asthma and allergies to wheat, soy, gluten, eggs, carmine (a dye derived from insects), fish oils and certain dyes (the infamous red 40 & yellow 5).  Go to any store that carries cosmetics, from Wal-Mart to Macy's, and you will find that all of these allergens are widely used in cosmetics (often under their chemical names).  Most brands do not have allergy warnings listed on the label as it is not required for cosmetics. You maybe wondering why this would be a problem? For those will allergies like mine an allergic reaction is not sneezing, but in fact can be life threatening. The allergic reactions I experience (and risk experiencing each time I hug family or friends who wear cosmetics or perfumes) ranges from severe itching and rashes to the more common reaction of asthma and swelling of the tongue and throat (which are very dangerous).  For this reason I have to be extermly careful about the products I use and whom I come into contact with. Please Note: The purpose of stating my health issues is to show how amazing Simplicity Cosmetics truly are. Unlike other brands I can wear Simplicity Cosmetics with out any problems what so ever!  Plus they are worry-free as I do not have to worry about my allergies, which for me is amazing.

To test Simplicity Cosmetics for this review I applied a small amount to my skin and waited 15 minutes to see what would happen. To my surprise there was NO reaction.  So to put Simplicity Cosmetics to the test, to ensure that it is truly safe for those with allergies, I decided to wait until morning when all of my allergy medicines had worn off (currently I take 5 medicines) and repeat the test. I did this to ensure that the products were in fact hypoallergenic. I tried applying the products to the inner area of my wrist first to see how my skin would reaction.  I then waited a few minutes and I examined my skin carefully. The vegan products had no reaction at all. No itchiness or redness (and more importantly no asthma attacks). However, the non-vegan products were slightly itchy for me, but still no rashes or asthma attacks. I have talked with many women and found most people with sensitive skin can wear non-vegan products with out problems (I'm just one of the few who can't).  Personally I feel more comfortable using vegan products anyway, but this is a personal choice. Having past the first test, I moved on to the next; applying the make-up.

Although it has been around 6 years since I last wore make-up, I could tell right away that Simplicity Cosmetics are very different from the products I used as a teen. The first aspects I noticed was that Simplicity Cosmetics go on smoothly and have nice coverage with out feeling heavy. Even with the primer on under my foundion the cosmetics did not feel as if they are suffocating my skin (as I remember even my Mary Key make up doing). I wore these with out any problems what-so-ever, which considering how badly makeup has reacted with my skin in the past is amazing.

My Personal Opinion:
Personally I love using Simplicity Cosmetics because of the quality of the cosmetics and the simplicity of ingredients found on each label.  It is amazing being able to wear makeup again with out getting hives, or worse having an asthma attack. Simplicity Cosmetics feels nice on my skin, very lite and weightless, unlike traditional cosmetics which feel very uncomfortable.  I also love that Simplicity Cosmetics has a large selection of Vegan cosmetics (a.k.a carmine-free products). I appreciate that there are carmine-free products available through Simplicity Cosmetics, and I feel better knowing that carmine isn't used in these products. I wish that everyone of my friends and family would switch to Simplicity Cosmetics because of how well these wear, the way it allows your skin to breath, and because of how safe these products are for those with severe allergies. If  you or a family member suffers from asthma or allergies I highly recommend trying Simplicity Cosmetics as it is designed with the least amount of ingredients as possbile and is all natural.

Where to Buy:
All products featured in this review can be purchased from Check out Simplicity Cosmetics on facebook to find out about special offers!

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