Monday, December 16, 2013

Review Time! Rickson Jewelry's Petite Claddagh Ring in Sterling Silver

Due to the popularity of Claddagh rings there are many conventional designs of this ring on the market. However, Rickson Jewelry is the only custom jewelry designer who offers a 3D Claddagh ring. Personally I have always felt that the Claddagh needed a change to perfect the symbol. This redesigned 3D Claddagh ring updates the traditional symbol of the Claddagh for the 21st century. 

Quality & Craftsmanship:
Every detail of this Claddagh ring is beautifully hand-carved, giving the sterling silver a stunning 3D appearance. Artist Rickson Sharkey designed this unique version of the Claddagh ring using the medium of hand sculpting wax. Once her 3D wax design was completed she then cast the design in genuine sterling silver. 

The smooth flowing curves of this design adds to the overall beauty of the ring. Personally I love how each aspect of the design flows into the next. The flowing curves give the ring a natural water honed appearance that stands above all over Claddagh rings I have seen elsewhere. This fluid design is one of the aspects that caused me to fall in love with this design. 

This Claddagh ring has been hand-engrave with theme of our wedding - Faith, Hope , Love- adding a truly personal touch to the design. 

Please note: This design is available in brass, yellow gold and rose gold. You can also have this design created with a heart shaped stone in the center.

Symbolism & Meaning:
The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish symbol of love, friendship, and commitment. For centuries Claddagh rings have been worn as Promise rings, Wedding rings and as a symbol of Irish heritage. 
This hand-carved sterling silver ring is far from conventional due to its unique design. The modern Rockabilly crown sets upon a 3D heart adding a refreshingly modern touch to the design. 

While most Claddagh rings have two hands holding the heart with the thumb and forefinger. The artist redesigned this aspect to hold greater symbolism "This ring has two hands gently cupping the heart, making it a heart felt image of love and tradition." ~ Rickson

Traditional Symbolism of the Claddagh:
The hands symbolize friendship. 
The heart symbolizes love. 
The crown symbolizes loyalty.

My Symbolism of the Claddagh: 
The hands symbolize Faith that all things are in the Creator's hands. 
The heart symbolizes the Divine gift of love - both human love and the love that the Creator has for us. 
The crown symbolizes Hope of Eternal life.

Meaning of  How a Claddagh Ring is Worn:
On the right hand, with the heart pointed away from your body, means you are free as the wind.
On the right hand, the heart pointed towards you, means that you in a relationship.
On the left hand, with the heart pointed away from your body, means you are engaged to be married.
On the left hand, the heart pointed towards you, means you are happily married forevermore. 

Artist's Bio:
The Artist's Bio written in her own words best describes the mastermind behind Rickson Jewelry. 

"I fell in love with jewelry through my Grandmother. The pieces she wore would talk to me with their beautiful details and colourful jewels. Her fantastical creatures told me how she was feeling that day. As a professional jeweller I love connecting people through jewelry. 

I am a full time artist, working out of my home studio in Brampton, On, Canada. I have my Masters in Silversmithing and jewellery design, and my work has been sold and exhibited all over the world, including Schmuck and Talente in Europe. To create my pieces I use the ancient art of lost wax casting. I specialize in custom wedding and engagement rings and cast in silver, gold and precious gemstones. 
I love hand crafting art for those who love jewelry.  My art jewelry line deals with the feminine image in relation to the female body. I enjoy creating narrative photography alongside my pieces to enhance the idea that femininity is a performance rather than an innate quality." ~ Rickson

Two special people are proud to be her helpers -  her loving hubby and baby boy! With a new little helper on the way the artist will have plenty of inspiration.

For more info about the artist check out her awesome links below!

Fun Fact: A Celebrity Purchase
Actress Callie Thorne recently purchased a beautiful Chunky Claddagh ring from Rickson Jewelry! Below are two wonderful pictures. The first is Callie Thorne wearing her Chunky Claddagh ring (which is larger than the petite Claddagh featured in this review). The 2nd picture is an up close shot of the chunky Claddagh - such a beautiful piece of wearable art!!! 
 "This ring is the dream ring I've been searching for" ~ Callie Thorne 

Below is a picture of Callie Thorne's new custom Claddagh ring.  Simply breath taking!

My Personal Opinion:
Personally I love everything about this ring. From its flawless design, to its simple yet elegant appearance. Few symbols capture the heart and soul of partnership the way that this modern take on the classical Claddagh ring has done. Each aspect of the ring speaks of love, friendship and loyalty. The gentleness of the hands that tenderly hold the heart is such a refreshing symbolism of love at it's purist form - gentle unconditional love. 

The petite size of this Claddagh ring makes it perfect for everyday wear. All of the Claddagh rings I have worn in the past felt uncomfortable. Not this ring! This ring fits like a glove and is very comfortable for daily wear. 

I highly recommend Rickson Jewelry.  You will never be disappointed with your from purchase from this artist. 

Coupon & Gift Idea:
Rickson was so kind to offer a coupon code " MERRYCHRISTMAS " for $10 off any item in her Shop!

Please Keep in mind that Monday the 16th is the last day to order in stock items from Rickson Jewelry for US delivery (which requires an upgrade to Express shipping for only $7.) 

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