Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NAB Catholic Companion Edition Giant Print : Published by Fireside Catholic Publishing

My husband gave me this Bible in Aug of 2007. This is a very nice Bible but I would like to point out that a Companion Edition isn't the same as a study Bible. The notes of a study Bibles are way more in depth than that of a Companion Edition. Personally I didn't find the notes to be very helpful in this edition. That said this is a very fine quality Catholic Bible.

About the binding & cover
The cover is a new type of flux leather, its very soft like the high quality genuine leather Bibles.
This Bible has a very nice, high quality feel. The Crucifix on the front & the Rosary on the back are embossed into the cover. Fireside Catholic Publishing is the only company that publishes Bibles with a Pray-along Rosary embossed in the cover.

Whats in side?
The text is 14 point GIANT print. The pages are make of high quality paper, with Gold-gilded edges & Silk Ribbon Marker.

In The front
  1. A page with Photos & quotes from Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II & Pope Pius XII
  2. Three Imprimaturs for one for the Old Testament, the revised Psalms, & the revised New Testament.
  3. Table of Consent: Books of the Bible in order & A list of the books of the Bible alphabetically arranged.
  4. The Bible- A Catholic Perspective
  5. The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation

In The Back
  1. Table of Weekday Lectionary Readings
  2. Table of Sunday and Feast Day Lectionary Readings
  3. The Basic Tenets of the Catholic Church
  4. A list of The Ten Commandments
  5. The Stations of The Cross
  6. The Seven Sacraments
  7. The Seven Deadly Sins
  8. The Spiritual works of mercy
  9. The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  10. The fruits of the Holy Spirit
  11. The Cardinal Virtues
  12. The Theological Virtues
  13. The four Marks of the Catholic Church
  14. The Last Things
  15. The Precepts of the Catholic Church
  16. The Beatitudes
  17. All four Mysteries of The Rosary
  18. A list of the Holy days of Obligation for the USA & Canada.
About this Translation.
This Bible is the New American Bible with Revised New Testament and Psalms. This is the most popular Catholic Bible translation..The New American Bible is an English Bible translation that was produced by members of the Catholic biblical scholars in cooperation with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The original languages were translated into English by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine according to the principles of Vatican II for use in the liturgy.

I highly recommend this Bible to all my Catholic friends

Leather Bound Edition

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