Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NIV New Testament: Published by Zondervan

To view the photos at their full size click on "see full album". Then move your mouse over the photo, your mouse pointer will look like a little magnifiglass, then click the photo. The photos at their full size are pretty detailed. This is a cute pocket New Testament, I found this one at wal-mart for only $3 dollars. They come in three colors pink,white & baby blue, would make a nice Easter gift

About the binding & cover
The cover is made from a very stiff flax leather. The binding appears to be glued. This is a good New Testament for the price.

Whats in side?
The writing is small compared to my RSV-CE, its readable but I wouldn't recommend this New Testament for study. (After reading 2 chapters my eyes began to hurt) That said this would be a good travel Bible for light reading. Because of its size this New Testmant will easly fit in most pockets or purses.

In The Front
  1. Table of contents
In The Back
  1. Getting to know Jesus
  2. Promises from the Bible
  3. Perspectives from the Bible

About this Translation.
The New International Version became one of the most popular modern translations made in the twentieth century. Its easy to read & understand. The NIV is a Protestant translation. The Deuterocanonical books (Also known as the Apocrypha) are not included in the translation.

This edition can be found at the following links

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