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The Sportsman's Bible HCSB with Zipper (Camouflage): Published by B&H Publishing

The Sportsman’s Bible contains numerous devotions written for hunters and fishermen that connect the timeless principles of God’s Word with the passion of millions of North American outdoors enthusiasts.

About the binding & cover
The cover of this Bible is Bonded Leather, with Mothwing™ fall camouflage. The bonded leather this Bible is made from feels more sturdily, and durable, then any bonded leather Bible I have held. The zipper & zipper slide are a very sturdily, which reminds me of the zippers & slides my parents used in their upholstery shop. They only used high quality zippers & slides. Over all I would say that this Bible should prove to be very durable. I'm impressed that this Bible is so well made considering the price Trim Size: 5.74 X 7.78 X 1.18

What’s inside?
Inside this Bible you will find lots of features & tips written for hunters & fishermen.
text is 7 point type, with the words of Christ in red. There are subject headings in this edition which I find to be a blessing. The page edges are the same color as the zipper and are both non-reflective. Specially designed so they won’t scare game.

In the Front
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Plan of Salvation
  3. HCSB Introduction

In the Back

  1. HCSB Bullet Notes
  2. How to get the most from your Sportsman's Bible
  3. God the hunter
  4. The bear facts
  5. Setting up a Ground Blind
  6. A few secrets to calling whitetails with success
  7. Keep Climbing if you want Higher Success
  8. Landowner's Respect.. It's All About Integrity
  9. A Landowner's Perspective
  10. Tree Stand Safety
  11. The Top Five Mistakes That Hunter Make With Concealment
  12. Outdoorman's Survival Kit
  13. Tracking Wounded Game The Great Rewards Come To Those Who Are Patients
  14. The Importance of a Sanctuary
  15. Paying The Price to See Clearly
  16. Dead Drifting Downstream
  17. All Good Things Seem to Happen At Sunrise
  18. Kentucky Thunder
  19. Quite Streams Can Lead to a Calm Soul
  20. Original Creativity
  21. A Better Man
  22. The Deer
  23. It's Been My Life Let It Be Yours
  24. Giving Thanks is Essential for the Turkey Hunter
  25. Instinctive Shooting
  26. God Looks on The Heart
  27. Fisherman's Code of Conduct
  28. Hunter's Code of Conduct
  29. Where to Turn
  30. How to Contact those who helped make The Sportsman's Bible a reality

About this Translation

The Holman Christian Standard Bible is an English translation of the Bible, published by Holman Bible Publishers. The first full edition was completed in March 2004. This translation a Optimal Equivalence Translation below is more information on this translation from Wikipedia.

"Holman Bible Publishers assembled an international, interdenominational team of 100 scholars and proofreaders, all of whom were committed to biblical inerrancy.[4] The translation committee sought to strike a balance between the two prevailing philosophies of Bible translation: formal equivalence (literal, "word-for-word", etc),, and dynamic or functional equivalence ("thought-for-thought"), The translators call this balance Optimal Equivalence.According to the translators, the primary goal of optimal equivalence translations is "to convey a sense of the original text with as much clarity as possible". To that end, the ancient source texts were exhaustively scrutinized at every level (word, phrase, clause, sentence, discourse) to determine its original meaning and intention. After wards, using the best language tools available, the semantic and linguistic equivalents were translated into as readable a text as possible. "

This edition does not contain the Deuterocanonical books (Also known as the Apocrypha)
To the best of my knowledge there isn't a Catholic edition of the HCSB.

My Personal Opinion
I absolutely love the cover, I've always been a big fan of camouflage. I also really like how well this Bible matches my woodland camo purse which is just too cute. The size & weight of this Bible makes it easy to travel with. Even though I'm not a hunter or fisherman, I have really enjoyed this Bible. I found the hunter's & fisherman's notes to be very interesting. In "The bear facts" section I learned that there is a special type of pepper spray for bears , and that pepper spray is your best defiance against bears. This is really good to know. There are many interesting sections in this Bible. This Bible would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

The Sportsman's Bible can be found at the following link.

Holman CSB Sportsman's Bible--bonded leather, camouflage with zipper

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