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The GNT Catholic Bible: Published by The American Bible Society

About the binding & cover The cover is made of an artificial leather called Leatherette. Leatherette is a form of artificial leather, usually made by covering a fabric base with plastic. The fabric can be made of a natural or a synthetic fiber which is then covered with a soft PVC layer. The cover on the Bible is very pliable, but it doesn't feel quite as leathery as some over types of artificial leather. (Personally I don't see this as an issue) I love the two tone design of this Bible it's nice to see a Catholic Bible with a more modern design. Over all the cover & binding seem to be very good quality. The Size of this Bibe is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Whats in side?
In this edition of the GNT the deuterocanonical books are arranged in the order most familiar to Roman Catholics. (Which I find to be a blessing, it can be so frustrating trying to find Daniel 13 in some Catholic editions.) At the front of each book you'll find Book Introductions and Outlines. Through out the GNT Catholic Bible are illustrations by Annie Vallotton. I found myself flipping through the pages to see the illustrations. As you can see from my photos the illustrations are simple yet interesting. There is over 600 of Annie Vallotton's Illustrations in this edition. The text is a comfortable size at 9 points. This Bible has subject headings in bold lettering. The paper is very thin, I do not recommend using highlighters in this Bible. The paper also has a semi-transparent quality, which can make reading difficult in certain lighting. The pages have silver gilted edges, which matches the design of the cover & the built in ribbon marker very well.

In the Front
  1. The Imprimatur
  2. Forward to the Catholic edition of the Good News Bible
  3. Preface (I recommend reading this section)
  4. Table of Contents

In the Back
  1. The Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verum 18 nov 1965
  2. The New 3-Year Cycle of Readings for Sunday Mass
  3. Readings for the Major Feasts of the Year
  4. Weekday Lectionary
  5. Word List
  6. Chronology of the Bible
  7. Subject Index
  8. 3 pages of black and white maps

About this Translation.
The Good New Translation was previously known as the Today's English Version (TEV) and as the Good News Bible (GNB). The GNT is a Dynamic equivalence translation it's very easy to read, making ita very good translation for someone who is learning English or for a young person. Dynamic equivalence translations are also helpful when studying hard to understand passages.
I find it very interesting how both Protestants & Catholics have made use of this translation, its nice to see Protestants & Catholics working together. The below text was found on Wikipedia

"The GNB has been a popular translation. By 1969, Good News for Modern Man had sold 17.5 million copies. By 1971, that number had swelled to 30 million copies. It has been endorsed by Billy Graham and Christian groups such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, and the Presbyterian Church (USA) [2]. The GNB is one of the authorized versions to be used in the Episcopal Church.[3] Excerpts from the New Testament were used extensively in evangelistic campaigns, such as the Billy Graham crusades and others, from the late 1960s right through to the early 1980s. In 1991, a Gallup poll of British parishioners showed that the GNB was the most popular Bible version in that nation. In 2003, the GNB was used as the basis for a film version of the Gospel of John. In 2008, Swedish group Illuminated World paired the text of the GNB with contemporary photography for the English translation of Bible Illuminated: The Book.[4]In the Philippines, it is the most popular version of the bible for both Catholics and Protestants as it is the cheapest bible available. The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines used this translation for the English version of their Basic Ecclessial Community Bible."

My Personal Opinion
This so far is the only Catholic edition of an Dynamic equivalence translation I had the opportunity to review. I like this Bible because it's easy to read & very direct. I recommend this Bible to any one who is looking for a Dynamic equivalence translation.

This Edition can be found at the links below.

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